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(of animals especially human beings) having arrived at the onset of puberty (the age at which sex glands become functional) but not yet fully mature

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covered with fine soft hairs or down

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Mesosternum punctuate and pubescent laterally; mesosternum scar oval well-defined, punctuate and densely pubescent.
5-)1-2 cm long, green, occasionally suffused with purple, densely pubescent; blades proximal and distal of the same shape, the distal slightly smaller, ovate to ovate-elliptic, (7-)8-14(-18) x (4-)5-7(-8) cm, bullate and slightly fleshy, the base slightly asymmetric, cuneate, the apex acute to acuminate, the margins subentire to slightly serrulate, with 20-40 teeth on each side, teeth of two-size classes, each tooth with a distal callosity, the adaxial surface green, sparsely pubescent, the abaxial surface pale green, densely pubescent with dark or hyaline trichomes, the venation semicraspedodromous, with nine to eleven pairs of secondary veins, irregularly spaced, excurrent to mid-vein, higher order veins reticulated, submarginal vein absent.
35), the posteromedially grey pubescent abdominal tergites 2-7 (tergites otherwise apubescent), and the proximally grey pubescent scutellum while it is apubescent distally.
First also objected to the idea that hebephilia needed to be added to the definition because many men do not differentiate between prepubescent and pubescent children, and offend against both.
2001), and the resulting 'Canario' commodity class with a fixed tolerance for 1% pubescent contaminants, has produced a need to validate current isolation requirements for pedigreed seed production.
Presiding over this magic are Ackermann's familiar figures with their cat eyes and small breasts--feral, pubescent quasi self-portraits reminiscent of Darger's Vivian girls.
Born in Disneyland, raised in Harajuku, and nurtured on McDonald's--they were hanging out in this playground for the pubescent.
Still, when it comes to indigenous film it's hardly atypical for a feature to germinate from the idea of a young child quickly rotting in a field and evolve into a coming--of--age story about a pubescent boy, his sexual confusion, his zombie dad, and his ghoulish, decaying, homoerotic play pal.
I don't know when it ever seemed easy to become a pro, but this guys seems to think it was much easier "then" than compared to "now" because of the increased "stuntsmanship," which will have dire consequences for the entire industry and the hopes and dreams of pubescent lads everywhere.
My pubescent understanding of the world was shaped partly by TV programs such as The FBI and The Man from UNCLE, Gunsmoke and Wyatt Earp, The Rat Patrol and Combat.
of how to deal with pubescent and even pre-pubescent women and older men.
Baker explains the sexual connotations of this remark in light of Sula's and Nel's pubescent stage; comments on their desire for the "PHALLUS," and identifies three "burials" that take place in this passage.
Despite being normal, it can be quite disconcerting to pubescent boys and their families.
You might say they (especially Wurtzel) were bookish versions of Veruka Salt, the pubescent brat in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who, upon seeing the geese who laid the golden eggs, sang with petulant abandon the refrain, "I want it now.