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Synonyms for puberty



Synonyms for puberty

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for puberty

the time of life when sex glands become functional

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Our recent analysis of this Russian cohort found later pubertal onset among boys with higher serum HCB concentrations (Lam et al.
Gynecologists should be prepared to manage gynecologic concerns in young patients and survivors, as they may be consulted regarding pubertal concerns, heavy menstrual bleeding and anemia, sexuality, contraception, ovarian function, and breast and cervical cancer screening, the authors noted.
The study titled 'Cardiovascular Responses to Caffeine by Gender and Pubertal Stage' is published online in the journal Pediatrics.
Their mean values related to frequency and percentages of swimmers in the different Tanner maturation stages are described in Table 1, being possible to observe that there are 60 pubertal (stages 2 and 3) and 54 postpubertal swimmers (stages 4 and 5), corresponding to 52.
The hypothesis of the study was that hormonally active agricultural pesticides impact pubertal growth due to an alteration of growth hormone release by the pituitary gland.
Adolescence being the formative period [hormonal, pubertal growth], one should concentrate on lifestyle changes rather than surgery," he said.
Increased growth rate due to high feeding level before puberty onset can lead to reduced pubertal mammary growth and reduced MY potential (Sejrsen et al.
The blocker reduces the distress associated with pubertal development but is not seen as a first step to physical sex re-assignment, rather it provides an opportunity for further exploration of the young persons feelings," she said.
DENVER--Although some studies show a delay in growth among boys taking stimulants for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a new study appears to clear the medications of postponing pubertal onset.
Genital muayene sirasinda, Tanner siniflama sistemi (2) kullanilarak pubik bolgede killanma olmayan ve testis volumleri 4 cc'den az olan erkek cocuklar prepubertal (Tanner 1), diger cocuklar ise pubertal olarak gruplandirildi.
They discuss examples of chemicals, female and male reproductive development, scientific concepts, and effects on fertility, pubertal development, pregnancy, men, body systems, and cancer, as well as how to communicate with patients about risks.
A recent increase in mumps orchitis among pubertal and postpubertal males has raised concerns about fertility issues in men aged 15 to 24 years, according to a review.
The method considered most accurate measures progesterone levels in two separate blood samples taken 10 days apart, in order to determine whether the heifer is prepubertal or pubertal.
The onset and duration of pubertal linear growth: In a further analysis (13) we examined the onset of puberty and the pubertal linear growth component using the Infancy-Childhood-Puberty (ICP) model of Karlberg (14).