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Synonyms for puberty



Synonyms for puberty

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for puberty

the time of life when sex glands become functional

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Because of this variation, an interdisciplinary team including behavioral/mental health experts should help individuals through the process of characterizing their self-identified gender identity and support their eventual transition using, as indicated for each individual, pubertal suppression, cross-sex hormones, and, ultimately, surgery.
Diffusion-weighted MRI scans have demonstrated that the pubertal testosterone surge in boys increases white matter volume.
This volume consists of 14 articles on normal and abnormal pubertal development in terms of the roles of genetic and environmental factors, and therapeutic issues in puberty disorders.
The main findings were the differences: (a) in VP between the males and the females' maturation periods; (b) in velocity measured on HRDP between the males and the females' maturation periods; (c) in pre-pubertal (PP) versus after-pubertal (AP) periods in the males; and (c) in percentage HRpeak in the females' pubertal (P) versus after-pubertal (AP) periods.
Firstly, loss-of-function mutations in kisspeptin (Kiss1) or kisspeptin receptor (Kiss1R) genes cause infertility due to lack of pubertal maturation and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in both mice and humans [7, 8].
05) were included in the multivariate model, adjusted for age, sex, pubertal stage, and clinical and immunological disease classification.
This retrospective study was done by reviewing the medical records of 91 IHH (including 62 normosmic IHH and 29 Kallmann syndrome) and 27 CDP patients, who presented at Chinese PLA General Hospital between 1994 and 2011, as well as 6 normal prepubertal children, and 20 normal pubertal volunteers.
Keywords: Adolescence, communication pattern, emotional responses, pubertal changes, parent- child interaction
Early use" was defined as use before the appearance of pubertal signs as noted above.
Temple said that an interaction between gender and caffeine dose was found, with boys having a greater response to caffeine than girls, as well as interactions between pubertal phase, gender and caffeine dose, with gender differences present in post-pubertal, but not in pre-pubertal, participants.
The scientists concluded that, "Our results demonstrate that exposure to HFD in the peri-pubertal period, and the sensitivity of the pubertal gland to HFD, initiate a sequence of inflammatory, angiogenic, and growth-promoting effects starting as early as 3 weeks on diet, which can lead to the promotion of mammary cancer development in adulthood.
We also made an attempt to investigate the agreement analysis separately in different age groups according to maturation levels (pre-pubertal, pubertal and post-pubertal groups), which has not yet been considered in other studies.
While studies related to malnutrition, growth retardation, and pubertal development retardation were more frequently reported in pediatric patients with SCD (2), (3), studies in gonadal insufficiency, thyroidal disorders, and bone metabolism were conducted with the adulthood and endocrine organ dysfunctions more frequently reported in SCD patients, especially in studies performed at adulthood (1), (2), (3).
Earlier pubertal timing in girls is often accompanied by distinct rises in the prevalence, severity, and onset of psychopathology" wrote Jane Mendle, PhD, of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.