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excessive flow of saliva

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The doe was dull, dehydrated and showing signs of ptyalism, dyspnoea, tachycardia, congested mucous membrane and bloat.
Women with ptyalism reported that the condition disrupted their prenatal health: 40% said it interfered with swallowing, 30% said their sense of taste was adversely affected, 30% cited interference with sleep, and 27% said ptyalism affected their speech.
Respondents noticed a modest relationship between ptyalism severity and diet.
Common clinical signs associated with oesophageal foreign bodies were regurgitation or vomiting, retching, gagging, lethargy, anorexia, restlessness, distress, ptyalism and cough (Juvet et al.
The animal park veterinarian collected the specimens from animal D for diagnostic testing after severe respiratory symptoms, ptyalism, anorexia, and lethargy were observed in the animal and 3 other cheetahs housed in the same area.
Treatment for ptyalism was not necessary in this parrot; however, treatment in other species generally involves surgical resection or medical treatment with anticholinergics or botulinum toxin A injections.
A one year old Rottweiler dog was brought with complaints of ptyalism, difficulty in deglutition and swelling underneath lower jaw with progressive nature.
1[degrees]C), tachycardia, ([double dagger]) mildly enlarged right popliteal lymph node, ([section]) blepharitis, hunched posture, stiff gait Jun 8 No abnormalities Aug 8 No abnormalities Dog 2 Sep 19 Fever (41[degrees]C), ptyalism, joint pain, ([double dagger]) lameness in right rear limb ([section]) Sep 28 No abnormalities Oct 25 No abnormalities Dog 3 Sep 17 Fever (41[degrees]C), abdominal pain, ([section]) # dehydration, peripheral lymphadenomegaly (popliteal and prescapular lymph nodes), conjunctivitis Sep 23 No abnormalities ([double dagger]) Oct 25 No abnormalities Date of Hematologic, biochemical, evaluation, and serum electrophoresis 2005 abnormalities ([dagger]) Dog 1 May 31 Left shift neutrophilia (segmented 11,700; ([double dagger]) bands: 468) and thrombocytopenia (112).
Oral trauma, dropped jaw, ptyalism, oedema and pain on mandible palpation (Roux, 2007) are the diagnostic clinical signs of the condition.
The dog was hospitalized after 3 days of lethargy, anorexia, polydipsia, ocular discharge, and difficulty in rising that had progressed to fever, listlessness, weakness, ptyalism, nasal and ocular discharge, watery diarrhea, and abdominal pain.