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any of various amines (such as putrescine or cadaverine) formed by the action of putrefactive bacteria

a term for food poisoning that is no longer in scientific use

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Ma might make wonderful homemade food, but she also might serve up dishes of hot steaming ptomaine.
She gives me that you-are-such-a-hopeless-case look, and reminds me that people in other parts of the world have bigger things to worry about, and their death rate from ptomaine is probably no higher than ours.
Ironically, Dymov is immune to the dead; ptomaine does not kill him.
I asked my firstborn, wondering if she was overly concerned with ptomaine or salmonella or whatever.
Through a process we have dubbed "a reduction to the essence," we argue that the osmaz6me alluded to in A rebours, the ptomaine mentioned in En rade, and the sacred essences discussed in Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam and La Cathedrale express in dialectical terms Huysmans's fascination with an authentic presence.
coli and ptomaine, new foodborne infections, specifically those found in tropical areas, are receiving a fair share of research attention.
They continued, even after the inquest, to search for further evidence of ptomaine poisoning in canned fish (McLaren 1993, 129).
That will give me time to get outta the Ptomaine Zone of those so-called "fast food" places that seem to infest convention centers like a had case of foot fungus.