pterygoid muscle

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muscle descending from the sphenoid bone to the lower jaw

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Proponents of digital palpation of lateral pterygoid muscle suggest asking the patient to open his mouth wide and laterally towards the side that needs to be assessed.
2,4,8) It is most common in the quadriceps, gluteal muscles and biceps brachii, although it has been reported in the psoas, hand, neck, shoulder, hip, calf, deltoid ligament, and pterygoid muscles.
Located in the orbital cavity, its limits are determined by the zygomatic arch laterally and dorsally by the periorbital cavity, ventrally by the orbital fat and by the pterygoid muscle, and medially by the maxilla.
Examination of the heads of the lateral pterygoid muscle on the temporomandibular joint.
Effects of detachment and repositioning of the medial pterygoid muscle on the growth of the maxilla and mandible of young rats.
CT scan done soon after the first biopsy showed small residual mass in the upper part of the right parapharyngeal space adjacent to the medial pterygoid muscle.
Thus, the lifting movement of the jaw (mouth closed), the masseter muscle has the essential role, also the temporal muscle and the pterygoid muscle help.
Management of dystonia of the lateral pterygoid muscle with botulinum toxin A.
The lateral pterygoid muscle, the only muscle of mastication serving to open the jaw, inserts on the mandibular condyle inferior to the articular surface but can partially insert on the joint capsule and disc as well.
5 mm bony lesion of the mandibular angle, eroding the cortex and infiltrating the associated medial pterygoid muscle, was revealed (Fig 2b).
The anterior region of the disc is attached to the superior lateral pterygoid muscle.
The function of a think medial pterygoid muscle at the back of the mouth eludes Rak.