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the branch of botany that studies ferns

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All this is despite the best efforts of the British Pteridological Society (www.
Busby of the British Pteridological Society, Wylde Green Community Hall, Emscote Drive, 7.
This has not been possible for the pteridological studies of any other workers from Trivandrum, even recently, who neither kept actual voucher-specimens, nor cited numbers in their publications, and the same applies to many of the earlier publications of the Prof.
A survey of the pteridological flora of the Mediterranean Region.
This new species is dedicated to the Sicilian botanist Agostino Todaro (1818-1892), in recognition of his contribution to the pteridological flora of Sicily.
He was chairman of the Pteridological Section of the Botanical Society of America (1979-1980) and also served as vice president (1994-1996) and president (1996-1998) of the American Fern Society.