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military actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments

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Consequently, "for PSYOP missions," MACSOG "obtained approval for the use of American C-123 crews.
He previously served as the PSYOP course manager and instructor.
Where PSYOP and propaganda are communications directed at foreign audiences, military PA offices provide similar information to journalists and the American public to articulate DOD positions on policies and operations.
PSYOP is directed at a target region or audience that is critical to mission success, whereas PD is generally meant to address an entire country or region.
Until now, there's been very little public complaint about the use of psyops to influence foreigners.
define PSYOP, nor does it clarify DOD's authority to conduct
In advance of hostilities, PSYOP can be used to "gather critical information, undermine a potential opponent's will or capacity to wage war, or enhance the capabilities of multinational forces.
3) Because I knew so little about Iraq at this point in my internship, I had to spend a good part of that first day looking up acronyms on Google--somewhat more obscure ones such as ISF (Iraqi Security Forces), MNCI (Multi-National Corps Iraq), and PAO (Public Affairs Office) but even, embarrassingly, such things as Centcom and PSYOP.
In operational settings, they would assist PSYOP personnel in the same fashion.
The manual devotes several pages to the sources for that legal basis in international, domestic, and military laws and policies, but a few pages after the de facto disclaimers, it advises: Only the supported unit's limitations in performing the action and the PSYOP planner's imagination restrict the variety of psychological actions.
That platoon made 24 missions into Iraq, covering over 7,000 miles, and entered the city of Baghdad with the PSYOP battalion.
Andrew Currie, dixonbaxi, PSYOP and RESN were also in circulation.
PSYOP also helps leverage this process in "winning hearts and minds".