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a meeting of people for psychotherapeutic purposes

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When the time came to hold the psychotherapy group, middle-aged men poured into the group room, and I became increasingly aware of my smaller physical frame.
Treatment had two levels: the Non Gender-Focused group and the Gender Role Re-Evaluation psychotherapy group.
It follows from this definition that the content of self-disclosure in psychotherapy group could be dual--emotional and cognitive.
In order to facilitate, as well as to provide some control over, such experimentation, personal construct psychotherapy groups have generally employed structured exercises, one of the most commonly used of which has been Landfield and Rivers' (1975) Interpersonal Transaction (IT) Group.
Psychotherapy group sessions that occur in the application phase of residential treatment borrow heavily from treatment approaches for this group.
She signed herself into hospital, went to Alcoholics Anonymous and psychotherapy group sessions and attended a Home Start family and addicts support group.
Psychotherapist Liz Dawson, who is also co-founder of the London Neuro Psychotherapy Group, has been talking to the company about the scientific nature of falling in love.
The first study (Ronningstam & Anick) involved a psychotherapy group with a focus on career issues for individuals whose careers were disrupted as a result of personality disorders and/or affective disorders.
RESULTS For the modified intention-to-treat analysis, the overall rates of response were 48% in the psychotherapy group (95% confidence interval [CI], 41.
Some continue to attend a supportive psychotherapy group one evening a week; some attend a regular evening social club; and all continue to receive psychiatric aftercare services through the Adult Psychiatry Clinic.
The final chapter describes techniques and procedures for a time-limited, structured psychotherapy group with sexually abused young adolescents.
Our goal is to help teens and their families understand depression better and learn skills to cope with their feelings and the effects of depression on their daily life," said Wren, who is leading an ongoing psychotherapy group for affected adolescents aged 14 to 17 - one of several treatment services the clinic provides for depressed children, teenagers and their families.
She is chair of the Johannesburg Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Group and a co-founder and board member of the organisation now known as Sophiatown Community Psychological Services.
Only 20 pilot-study participants completed the AGI, because it was not administered to the first psychotherapy group (n = 4), and two other group members did not complete all the AGI items, for unknown reasons.