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the mental representation of sexual activities

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As an aspect of development, male psychosexuality has proven to be an extremely hospitable site for psychotherapeutic intervention as well as for ever-increasing media forums that inform and criticize the now highly politicized task of raising boys.
Only in this mediation can the nature of the Yagwoia embodiment and the energetics of their archetypal Self and psychosexuality be most completely comprehended.
In a forthcoming book I hope to demonstrate in much more detail how attention to deferred action can profitably link psychosexuality and trauma in Hemingway's work, thereby linking recent gender criticism to the older Philip Young school of Hemingway criticism.
Ken Wilber (2000) postulates roughly two dozen developmental lines: "morals, affects, self-identity, psychosexuality, cognition, ideas of the good, role taking, socio-emotional capacity, creativity, altruism, several lines that can be called 'spiritual' (care, openness, concern, religious faith, meditative stages), joy, communicative competence, modes of space and time, death-seizure, needs, worldviews, logico-mathematical competence, kinesthetic skills, gender identity, and empathy" (p.