psychosexual development

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(psychoanalysis) the process during which personality and sexual behavior mature through a series of stages: first oral stage and then anal stage and then phallic stage and then latency stage and finally genital stage

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Clinicians should aim to foster healthy psychosexual development in sexual and gender minority youth, and protect these individuals' full capacity for integrated identity formation and functioning.
Because many of the abusers committed their first criminal sex act at least one year after ordination, Plante reiterated that seminary education must include serious focus on psychosexual development and how to maintain appropriate boundaries and impulse controls.
Taking up where Izzard (1999) left off, this paper argues that reconceptualisation of psychoanalytic theory is necessary and that such reconceptualisation should retain the Oedipus complex as a central organising concept in the psychosexual development of the homosexual male.
Female sex assignment was continued in our chromosomally male patient due to established psychosexual development and identity.
In Lacan's radical revision of Freud's early childhood stages of psychosexual development, the mirror stage marks the crucial period when the individual's nascent sense of self is "mirrored" or oriented in the intimidating presence of another who, in turn, elicits aggressive reactions of self-preservation in the self.
The back cover states that the book "provides an objective and authoritative account of psychosexual development in priests," and it is just that.
Overall, "right-hemispheric dysfunction appears to be associated with disturbances in psychosexual development, which may contribute in some cases to paraphilic sexuality and possibly related sex-offending behavior," he concluded.
Psychologists and social workers maintained that heterosexuality was the ideal outcome of psychosexual development, while homosexuals remained in an arrested stage of development.
The former should have to demonstrate much more clearly than in the past a healthy psychosexual development and a proven capacity to serve faith communities with love and integrity before they receive approval for priestly ordination.
This paper is about the psychosexual development of the HIV-positive adolescents in the Programme, 11 girls and 8 boys aged 13-17, their problems with HIV-related physiological and psychosexual changes, and relationships with their parents.
To assist parents with their roles as sexuality educators, professionals should debunk popular misconceptions about sexuality and disability, provide information on the psychosexual development of children, and address strategies to promote appropriate childhood behavior through comprehensive sexuality education .
The subtext framework composing part 1 is constructed with accounts from and commentary on Genesis, Aquinas and natural law theory, and from theories of psychosexual development and Aquinas on acquired virtues and chastity.