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the mental representation of sexual activities

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The underlying psychosexual and relationship issues might not be addressed.
You need a very clear understanding about your own sexuality, your own sexual development, your own way of relating as a person to others," he said, "That's called psychosexual education.
As a result of feminist criticism, men and women are increasingly learning the extent to which the ideology of male supremacy pervades all areas of life: in the psychosexual sphere, the key is male control of female sexuality; in economics, sexism establishes men as the bourgeoisie, women as the proletariat, to paraphrase Engels.
The relatively low cost of the programme compared to other available treatments(200 Euros for the six week training programme compared to 1000-3000 Euros for psychosexual therapy, 26.
As a rule, patients presenting with a sexual problem may need space and time to decide whether they wish to be referred to a sexual dysfunction or psychosexual clinic.
Wols-like works from the late 1940s, the magnificent "Infinity Net" paintings of the late '50s, "accumulations" and "self-obliteration" projects of the '60s, a new mirrored "infinity corridor," and other images made just this spring, rounded out by carbuncled furniture, painted bodies, visionary writing, scrapbooks, photographs, and clothes, all testify to the remarkable vitality of an oeuvre that spans the optical formalism of Zero and Nul and the psychosexual performance of Kembra Pfahler.
Hypnotherapy can be used extensively for a wide range of conditions in the field of psychiatry: it is valuable for the treatment of anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, eating disorders, depression, psychosexual disorders, addictions, and particularly, in the treatment of phobic disorders (Waxman, 1980).
Dennis Lin, director of the psychosexual medicine program at Beth Israel Medical Center, as saying.
He is a genius who creates identity crises and psychosexual sadists that are truly monsters.
Now, ASCA has broadened to include relationship counselling, bereavement counselling, psychosexual therapy and holistic treatments, such as massage and aromatherapy.
They suggest that "blocked pelvic muscles might be associated with psychosexual impairments that could impair both vaginal orgasmic response and gait.
If your first impulse is to flash Vania a hefty side-eye, you're not wrong--but a closer read reveals his admiration for ukiyo-e (traditional Japanese woodblocking) and also that while the women are bound, in other ways so are the men, creating a complex, psychosexual fantasia.
The eight chapters provide an overview of the state of Men's sexual health in policy and society (with focus on the UK) and reviews the most common physical and psychosexual problems in men's health.
The clinics provide free contraception advice and free pregnancy testing and counselling, vasectomy counselling and services and psychosexual counselling.
But off-balance and arch though it sometimes gets, "Teeth" delivers intelligent horror comedy with a remarkably rich, psychosexual aftertaste.