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any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted

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The successful medication treatment is an argument that supports the psychoses as schizophrenia-like rather than psychotic depressions.
Szasz insists that psychoses should not be considered genuine diseases until there is a valid, reliable diagnostic test that indicates a biological defect.
What this discussion highlights is that we need to pay much more attention to psychoses in older persons.
Early treatment in schizophrenia and other psychoses has been linked to better outcomes," the authors write as background information in the article.
He and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 20 studies that compared the risk of violence in a total of 18,423 people with schizophrenia and other psychoses vs.
Published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine, the study has also found that the risk of violence from patients with psychoses, who also have substance use disorder, is no greater than those who have a substance use disorder, but who do not have a psychotic illness.
Istanbul, Turkey -- Look for a sweeping redefinition of schizophrenia and the other psychoses in the coming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
STOCKHOLM -- Late-onset schizophrenia and related psychoses most often improve or remain stable rather than deteriorate over time, contrary to what some clinicians may think, Dilip V.
Patients with affective psychoses, schizoaffective disorder, or substance-induced psychoses were excluded.
After the researchers controlled for sex, pubertal status, and mixed mania, the 51 children with baseline psychoses suffered from mania or hypomania for significantly more weeks than did the 35 children without baseline psychoses.
In a 2-year follow-up study of 27 youths with schizophrenia, 22 with bipolar I disorder with psychotic features, and 20 with psychoses not otherwise specified (NOS), those with schizophrenia scored significantly in functioning on the Children's Global Assessment Scale than did those with bipolar disorder, The scores of the youths with psychoses NOS fell between the other two groups and were not significantly different from either (J.
But they noted that much drug use among the prisoners was not linked to psychoses, so the role of drugs should not be overestimated.