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a psychologist trained in psychophysics

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Also, suppose a psychophysicist claims that the slope of a Weibull [PSI] is P = 3.
Szlyk, a psychophysicist at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.
The psychophysicist has accepted philosophical scepticism with respect to other minds.
Thus, thought Fechner, the psychophysicist is simply counting units, albeit indirectly via stimulus intensities, in a manner analogous to the physicist counting units of some physical quantity.
Based on recent success in decoding non-invasive cortical recordings (EEG, MEG), and our multidisciplinary team (of engineers, neurophysiologists, psychophysicists, and audiologists), we propose to develop and implement algorithms to decode brain signals picked up by EEG electrodes to extract intention signals, and to match them to acoustic sources within the environment.
Designing such experiments is intricate and has been the domain of cognitive psychologists, or psychophysicists, expert in exploring the "functional relationship between variations in the physical world and the resulting variations in the psychological (or perceptual) world.
Thirdly, the type of ambiguity that resembles what psychophysicists refer to as an absolute threshold seems likely to apply to those of us who think that may be God's voice in the distance, but aren't sure if that otherwise weak signal may be something more amorphous as the wind.
In particular, the work of psychophysicists such as Fechner was explored to examine how people derive pleasure and pain from objects, the experimental equivalent of the Benthamite idea of utilitarianism.
Today the mind sciences are the province of evolutionary biologists, cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, psychophysicists, linguists, computer scientists--you name it.
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