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Synonyms for psychoneurotic

affected with emotional disorder


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I feared for my friend in his highly impressionable psychoneurotic state, bordering, perhaps, on a delusional malade imagiaire.
The cost of psychiatric treatment outside a hospital for mental, psychoneurotic, and personality disorders is covered.
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Spectrum of Psychoneurotic Disorders.
In the general and mental health arena, the World Health Organization had just published the Sixth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases that for the first time included a section devoted to mental, psychoneurotic
It meant you were enslaved to the kind of disturbing imagination other people might see as psychoneurotic.
labeled psychoneurotic, but these cases made up the vast majority of
Decker and Webb (1994), Felton and Cole (2003), and Albridge (2005) reported that stressful work life were related to receiving psychiatric care, and that in the United Kingdom, the sum of incapacity for men suffering from psychoneurotic and personality disorder, nervousness, migraine headaches, and smoking accounted for 22.
To check the effects of feminist pedagogy on different social, cognitive and psychoneurotic variables of language learning i.
It has been shown that there is a connection between experiencing psychological abuse as a child and developing habit disorders, conduct disorders, neurotic traits, psychoneurotic reactions; lagging in development; and attempting suicide (Ammerman & Hersen, 1991).
The cost of psychiatric treatment outside a hospital for mental, psychoneurotic, or personality disorders is covered, but with 50% coinsurance instead of the usual 20% (except that the latter applies when services are provided on a hospital out patient basis if, in the absence of treatment outside a hospital, hospitalization would have been required).
The CCEI consisted of 48 items which typically measures the clinically recognized psychoneurotic illnesses (Crown and Crisp, 1979).
His research showed 10 out of 30 psychoneurotic patients exhibiting positive changes that would otherwise be expected only after intensive psychotherapy.
These "misfits" and potential casualties included persons with "mental deficiencies, psychopathic personalities, psychoneurotic disorders, chronic alcoholism and drug addiction, and the psychoses--manic depressives, paranoiacs, and schizophrenics" (O'Neil, 1943, p.
Shutes, which beat back some of the more bizarre theories in favor of calling Lincoln % depressive type of psychoneurotic within the bounds of so-called normality.
Caught up in this causal nexus, trapped by the very language with which he seeks to explain himself, the psychoneurotic individual threshes about within his subject-predicate-object prison, the victim of his language-thought limitations.