psychomotor development

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progressive acquisition of skills involving both mental and motor activities

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Age-adjusted scores from the Mental Development Index (MDI) and the Psychomotor Development Index (PDI) were used as the primary outcomes.
It is the fundamental component in the psychomotor development conditioning the evolution of types behavioral: cognitive, motor, self-service, social-emotional.
The second case of IUGR was exposed to GBP, with cardiac anomaly (atrial septal defect) discovered after birth, had delayed psychomotor development during follow up, and started to
Karaoli said the child receives a lot of care at the hospital and he is provided with everything he needs for his psychomotor development, until he goes to a foster family or he is adopted.
After selecting the institution and sample, the children underwent psychomotor evaluations (pre-testing) to determine their psychomotor development profiles (PDPs) using the battery of tests as proposed by Oliveira (2008) and outlined below.
The psychomotor development of children with CP was also correlated with these factors.
Psychomotor development of children from an iodine-deficient region.
Following this statement, this research is focused on generating specific guidelines for the development of interactive educative tools for psychomotor development of early childhood in children between 3 and 5 years old, which where validated through an experimental prototype called "Playing while taking my first steps".
The psychomotor development of their children was measured after the children turned one year old.
It consists of 84 chapters by an international group of neurologists, neuroscientists, pediatricians, and others, on normal psychomotor development, neurological examination, diagnosis, health outcomes measurement, coma and brain death, heredodegenerative disorders, the developmental aspects of a normal EEG, clinical neurophysiology in movement disorders, counseling parents, chronic pediatric diseases into adulthood and the challenge of adolescence, ethical considerations, and the diagnosis, treatment, and other facets of toxicity and deficiency and fetopathies, cerebral palsy, developmental abnormalities and mental retardation, neuroectodermoses, and epilepsy.
As mentioned in the introduction of the article, the three main characteristics of West syndrome include :1) infantile spasms, 2) regression and retardation in psychomotor development and 3) appearance of hypsarryhtmia on electroencephalogram.
The study uses data from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study to investigate the effect of paracetamol during pregnancy on psychomotor development, behaviour and temperament at 3 years of age.
The first review of the official dietary guidelines in a decade also warns breast feeding mothers against consuming alcohol because it can affect the baby's psychomotor development and disrupt their sleeping patterns.
A large Dutch study showed statistically significant growth retardation and serious delays in psychomotor development in children raised on macrobiotic diets.
The study did not observe deviation from normal physiological and psychomotor development during the first year of dynamic observation of children.