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any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements

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Administration of mental status exams had already been discussed in class, and the instructor and a senior psychometrist from a university-based Alzheimer's project demonstrated proper techniques and clarified questions related to scoring.
The British psychometrist has conducted tests on around 200 individuals, all of whom either wanted a change of direction or progress in their lives.
For four years she was a psychometrist at the Walter E.
Children in the FAS, deferred and control groups received a neurocognitive assessment, conducted by a registered psychometrist blinded to the clinical diagnosis; this comprised 10 subtests, each assessing a neurocognitive domain (Table I).
He had also been a professor at the University of Miami (1987-89) and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (1977-87), school administrator, psychometrist, and classroom teacher at the elementary and secondary levels.
All of his studies have been at least single-blind, and most have been double-blind, with the psychometrist and statisticians also blind to the treatment condition in each case.
Rowe worked as a psychometrist, administering tests to students, at the University of Oregon for 29 years.
Louden, Psychometrist, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.
I would describe myself, if forced to do so, as an academic psychometrist who, nevertheless, does some applied work in the occupational field (of course this description might be self-delusion).
Others that may be invited to provide useful input are the other teachers that have contact with the child, the psychologist or psychometrist that conducted or can explain the results of the testing, an administrator, and the student.
Jim Chivers is a psychometrist who tunes into people by looking at their photo.