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any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements

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The lack of general acceptance of psychometrics in the court system is another limitation.
Global accountancy practice Mazars also successfully uses psychometric assessments when conducting 'people' due diligence in preparation for a potential merger as well as it playing a part in their on-going teambuilding initiatives.
Psychometrics are now built into both the demand side and the supply side of the workforce planning functionality; in the demand side it's a case of knowing what you're looking for, and in the supply side it's all about filtering the pool of available candidates.
How to pass advanced numeracy tests; improve your scores in numerical reasoning and data interpretation psychometric tests, rev.
Since then the use of psychometrics has grown and the number of tests now available to educationalists, psychologists and recruiters is vast.
Of these, more than 1,100 of the professional staff have training and expertise in education, psychology, statistics, psychometrics, computer sciences, sociology and the humanities.
International contributors consider major debates and the latest research in second language assessment over the past 50 years, showing the influences of linguistics, politics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and psychometrics on the field of second language assessment.
They discuss the changing definitions of competence over time and the discourses of knowledge, performance, psychometrics, reflection, and production; extending medical competence to include teamwork; emotional competence; the concept of expertise; assessment; self-assessment and performance improvement; and mindful practice.
Psychometrics in coaching; using psychological and psychometric tools for development.
It is actually quite easy to analyse the requirements for effective performance in any particular job role, and psychometrics are very effective in identifying the potential to perform well in any job role.
In addition to supporting its members' interests in legal, regulatory and professional matters, ATP's European division promotes generally accepted guidelines for psychometrics, test delivery, test security, e-testing, interoperability, privacy, test adaptation, localization and other areas related to the testing process.
Kline introduces structural equation modeling to students who may not have strong quantitative backgrounds, and demonstrates its use in such fields as education, psychometrics, human resources, and psychology.
Assuming no previous background in the relevant philosophical areas, they discuss such topics as philosophical theories of measurement, open issues in measurement theory and psychometrics, problems in causation and validity, a model of test score interpretation, and an integrative view of test validity.
That's according to change-management and training consultancy cda, which believes that a 'worrying' number of companies view psychometrics as a 'one-fix cure-all' instead of an integral part of an on-going employee development process.
He begins with the basic workings of such systems, then works through refrigeration, heat transfer, psychometrics, systems and selections, then gets specific about comfort, air quality and climatic data, heat and moisture flow, cooling load and heat loss analysis, air and water distribution, motors, lighting, controls, energy costs and economics of the building.