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any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements

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Psychometric testing may not be able to solve everything, but it can help identify crazy job candidates.
Profiles International Middle East announced it had appointed Foursan Al Hayat as its exclusive representative for Bahrain, Qatar and Oman at a signing ceremony on the sidelines of the Psychometric Testing Symposium and Exhibition.
MBTI is one of the UK's most popular personality psychometrics and is based on the writing of Carl Jung, who suggested that every one of us has innate preferences, and these preferences make some ways of thinking and being easier than others.
He also recommends funding university-based research on test quality, which could pique student interest in psychometrics.
The Loerke, Jones, and Chow (1999) article entitled "Psychometric benefits of soft-linked scoring algorithms in achievement testing" contains many methodological and psychometric errors.
The bottom line is that, in psychometrics - and elsewhere - honesty really IS the best policy.
At RHR we use psychometrics as part of our own recruitment, but we would stress that they should only be part of the process and not the defining factor.
Standard psychometrics reveal limited success in predicting particular vocational rehabilitation interventions according to these authors.
For 70 years, the intelligence debate has not moved beyond psychometrics to address the connection between statistical measures and a theory of brain function," contends John Tooby, an anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Testing these instruments and scales provide notable progress in the study of cognition and psychometrics, as well as the safety and efficacy of new drugs to treat such diseases.
EFSET is an independent test developed by the world's top experts in language assessment, large-scale testing, and psychometrics.
Symetric Life Sciences deal includes acquisition of the products like SyMetric - Clinical Data Management System (CDMS); Mindomatics - Computerized Psychometrics Tests: The software application features a series of computerized psychomotor tests, enabling the effect of drugs on human motor and psychiatric functions.
They define assessment within the context of the full knowledge base of psychology (rather than limiting it to testing or psychometrics, or following a specific model) and consider assessment in equal terms of textbook theories, lay constructs, and alternatives to common paradigms.
A specialist in psychometrics and training solutions, Bryon here helps people prepare for tests of advanced numerical skills that are used extensively to weed out candidates for management and graduate jobs and for places in postgraduate courses.
Ian Florence is director of Only Connect and a consultant at the Psychometrics Centre, part of Cambridge University.