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any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements

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Self-estimated and psychometrically measured intelligence: A cross-cultural and sex difference study.
According to Smith, the length and detail of the project was "well worth" the results: a psychometrically sound and effective exam.
Recent studies (Chamorro-Premuzic, Moutafi, & Furnham, 2003 Furnham, Chamorro-Premuzic, & Moutafi, 2003) have found similar correlations between self-estimated and psychometrically measured intelligence, thus supporting Paulus et al.
ARRT believes that by providing a psychometrically sound instrument, it has contributed to safe and effective patient care.
The chapter on pain and other symptom management included a chart outlining all the assessment scales, however it failed to include the Adolescent Pediatric Pain Tool (APPT), which is psychometrically sound and has been used much more extensively than some of the other, more dated tools listed.
A few studies have examined the relationship between estimated and psychometrically measured IQ (De Nisi & Shaw, 1997; Furnham & Fong, 2000; Furnham & Rawles, 1999; Reilly & Mulhern, 1995), and each has reported positive and significant correlation in the range r = .
Before adequate investigations of reactance can be assessed, there must be a psychometrically sound measure of it; however, until recently, no psychometrically adequate measure of psychological reactance existed.
Parker and Adkins (1995) confirmed the underlying factor structure with a sample of more typical college students, and Parker and Stumpf (1995) found this instrument to be psychometrically sound and appropriate for use with academically talented children.
The FDIS offers a psychometrically adequate tool that is uncomplicated to administer for the evaluation of a family's disruption from illness.
Potential credential holders would have to earn their way through a system as rigorous as the one associated with the CPA profession, including passing an admission exam as psychometrically stringent as the CPA exam, but not focused on A&A.
The demand for efficient, psychometrically sound, culturally and linguistically neutral tools for predicting which children are at risk for language learning disorders has increased over the last decade.
The primary purpose of this research was to examine the influence of jealousy and forgiveness on vengeance using established, psychometrically sound measures of each construct.
Administrators must meet set criteria achieved through professional practice and continuing education to qualify to sit for a knowledge-based exam that is psychometrically validated.
It was, however, taken up by organisations and used to determine employees' team types, and it has been questioned whether it is psychometrically acceptable for this purpose.