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Concerned with the mental and psychological state of Senator Lila de Lima, it is for her best interest that she engages the services of a competent medical professional to assist her in these trying times,' he said.
An analysis of data gathered every two years regarding the psychological state and cognitive performance of over 8,300 older adults in the U.
How they put themselves into the right psychological state to kill.
He said investigations showed that the woman was in a bad emotional and psychological state following a failed relationship with a GCC national she met in 2009, which led her to take the extreme step.
Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr and the head of its low-cost airline, Germanwings, Thomas Winkelmann, were visiting the crash area amid mounting questions about how much the airlines knew about copilot Andreas Lubitz's psychological state and why they have not released more information about it.
The girl's psychological state is relatively satisfactory.
Far too many veterans are homeless and living on the streets in a poor psychological state.
psychological state of the wounded children who had experienced the horrors of
Curious with observations, the researchers wanted to find out whether music could truly transform the psychological state of the listener.
While I would never belittle the role of mother, or the natural capacity of any woman to conceive and give birth, I cannot agree that this biological phenomenon determines every woman's psychological state or rational capacity.
Changing behaviours; on the rise of the psychological state.
A source said he was stable and the heart attack resulted from the "bad psychological state he is going through".
the fact that the safety of our citizens depends on the moral and psychological state of the drivers making passenger operations", the
She suffers a bad psychological state due to her repeated arrests, the center added.
He added that the victim was living with his family, who, during the police interrogation, said that the man was in a bad psychological state due to some personal problems.
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