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Mounneh said improving the psychological state by helping them take part in daily activities or by going out to the garden or mall is important.
that this initiative contributes in healing the psychological state of the
A source said he was stable and the heart attack resulted from the "bad psychological state he is going through".
She suffers a bad psychological state due to her repeated arrests, the center added.
He added that the victim was living with his family, who, during the police interrogation, said that the man was in a bad psychological state due to some personal problems.
The women are said to be "in a very bad psychological state.
Due to his psychological state it was unclear who had tortured him.
It may be that the scars are not apparent on their bodies, scarring and damage is done to their emotional and psychological state.
This is due in no small part to the extant mystery surrounding Franny's death and Dave's crumbling psychological state.
His psychological state reflected in his performances," said Aziz, noting Obode was fully paid before leaving the club and his contract was officially terminated.
The former prime minister also denied knowing the psychological state in which the ousted president was when he said that.
Given the importance of the issue and taking into account the possible unpleasant psychological state of the patients, the Ministry of Health suggests that women bearing these implants should contact their personal doctors," the ministry said.
Glynn of the University of California-Irvine study how the mother's psychological state affects a developing fetus.
We worry that his bad psychological state will affect his physical state," Azzam said.
One thing leads to another, but it takes a remarkable set of coincidences to unravel the true nature of Dekker's quite peculiar psychological state and, more pertinently, his familial background.
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