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Synonyms for psychological

Synonyms for psychological

relating to or performed by the mind

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mental or emotional as opposed to physical in nature

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Health care practitioners should be more aware of the psychologic difficulties of people with psoriasis.
The emphasis is on the necessity of self-management strategies, which include aerobic exercise, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and multicomponent exercise and psychologic therapies, according to Dr.
The book's 17 chapters provide a solid mix of medical, practical, and psychologic guidance on topics that include finding meaning in loss, managing interpersonal and provider relationships, and deciding which medical interventions to pursue to prolong life.
It should be kept in mind that psychologic symptoms may be present in children who have been exposed to physical abuse (16,17).
I still run into a tremendous number of internists and family physicians and cardiologists who haven't totally bought into the role of psychologic stress in cardiovascular disease.
CONCLUSIONS: In summary, when persons who are undergoing chronic life stress are confronted with an acute psychological challenge, an exaggerated psychologic and peak sympathomedullary reactivity occurs that is associated with decrements in individual NK cell function and is protracted beyond termination of the stressor and sympathomedullary recovery.
We because how that game determining rest, and ho psychologic the other important.
Coverage continues through oral and maxillofacial radiology, psychologic aspects, temporomandibular disorders, treatment planning, preprosthetic surgery, bone grafting, and so on, concluding with chapters on management of inadequate dental prostheses, speech pathology and prosthodontic applications, and management of patients with new prostheses.
These bonds are a key component of a standard medical model, which is based upon biologic, psychologic and sociocultural underpinnings.
Gerogogy (ger-o-go-gee') in patient education has been defined by the authors as involving the transferring of essential information that has been specifically designed, modified and adapted to the physiologic and psychologic changes of the elderly This information relates to their medical care and consists of procedures that are either technical or non-technical.
Assessment of patients' levels of psychologic distress is an important element of the admission assessment (NCCN, 1999) and is standard of care in the Radiation Oncology Department.
A psychologic war is being waged against the Turkish Armed Forces.
Exactly the opposite was seen on psychologic tests of systematizing and attention to detail.
Hypnosis was employed as an adjuvant measure to traditional medical and psychologic treatment modalities.
This manual was written with the intent to allow clinicians to use the principles of chronotherapeutics in their treatment of patients with seasonal affective disorder, non-seasonal depression, and other psychologic and neurologic illnesses.