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the interrelation of conscious and unconscious processes and emotions that determine personality and motivation

the branch of social psychology that deals with the processes and emotions that determine psychology and motivation

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Instruction in psychodynamics "provides the context for the resident to understand his distress"; its application to psychopharmacology, in particular, explains "why he's struggling around the simple task of prescribing pills," he said.
Core psychodynamic issues specific to men, which frequently involve the father-son relationship, should be kept in mind.
The established focus on individual experience and anecdotal data, particularly about social and psychodynamic influences, would shift toward a more scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment.
Psychodynamic programs had a primary focus on psychodynamic theory, with extensive training in long-term, depth-oriented psychotherapy.
The convergence of mythology with the psychodynamics under discussion is not only felicitous but quite stunning.
The metaphor is intentional: DuVernay's message is that the psychodynamics of slavery, and the economic logistics of it, have never gone away.
It does that by holding the mirror to them, persuading them to evaluate themselves in the light of their psychodynamics and its impact on the others, and providing them with the road map of the journey for self transcendence.
Bo pressed questions about authority with uncanny attention to psychodynamics.
That is to say, insanity is a valid state of consciousness that could be generally incomprehensible to the sane; however, within the context of a schizophrenogenic family, we might be able to fathom the destructive psychodynamics, and origins of this fluctuating psychic heaven and hell.
She was too sophisticated and honest a thinker to glibly throw out psychodynamics as irrelevant to our context and 'Eurocentric'; she was too serious about the work to accept what she read as pronouncements from on high.
The following is a seven-stage model proposed by Jack Shafer that describe the psychodynamics of hatred.
In doing so, Ong demonstrates the psychodynamics involved in the oral/literate shift and creates a set of working criteria for identifying behaviors and cognitive patterns in the distinct populations.
The birth of intersubjectivity; psychodynamics, neurobiology, and the self.
And rather than delve deeply into family psychodynamics, as Spiegelman and Bechdel do, Weaver uses reminiscence as an occasion to examine American history and culture.