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the interrelation of conscious and unconscious processes and emotions that determine personality and motivation

the branch of social psychology that deals with the processes and emotions that determine psychology and motivation

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It was the late Francis Bacon--a really existentialist, psychodynamically astute painter of the body--who in effect taught Freud to paint, and whose mantle Freud now wears.
Van de Castle (1977), whose eight-night ESP dream study was accompanied by psychodynamically oriented, in-depth interviews with Ullman each morning (Krippner & Ullman, 1970).
Friction between biologically and psychodynamically oriented therapists shows no signs od dissipating in the 1990s, especially as insurance dollars for mental health care dwindle.
Even if a therapist does not primarily embrace a psychodynamically informed model of counseling, it is prudent for the therapist to anticipate that many clients will hold assumptions in line with this model and might think that professional counseling is failing if the past is not addressed.
This flaw presumably would not spare psychodynamically informed clinicians.
These more psychodynamically oriented groups also may be time-limited, although they would typically need to be longer than more structured groups, to allow members to develop the level of intimacy and comfort necessary to engage in self-disclosures that lead to the emotional work.
On this level, the therapeutic experience is guided psychodynamically and includes identifying and working through conflicts; identifying and attending to deficits; grieving losses; neutralizing malignant introjects; metabolizing trauma; stabilizing and developing sense of self; and so on.
An innovative psychodynamically influenced approach to reduce school violence.
Only papers describing the use of songwriting in psychodynamically oriented sessions are reviewed here.
Although grief associated with loss of reproductive capacity or the perceived onset of aging may contribute in psychodynamically predisposed women, psychologic symptoms may be the direct result of the loss of estrogen's effect on the brain.
Faber argues that the ideal Judeo-Christian prayer is based on a sense of helplessness, which psychodynamically returns the praying person to their helpless affective state as an infant.
The goal is not to drift away in some form of traditional psychodynamically oriented form of psychotherapy.
Spiritual ecomaps, a diagrammatic instrument for assessing and operationalizing environmental spiritual strengths (Hodge, 2000), may be useful with Muslims who desire "here and now" solutions drawn from environmental resources as opposed to more psychodynamically oriented interventions (Daneshpour, 1998).