psychoanalytic process

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a process that is assumed to occur in psychoanalytic theory

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By explicitly bringing this "splitting" (which has its source in the self-criticism of the avant-garde as an institution) to bear on the psychoanalytic process of transference, in which unconscious desires are projected onto an object in the framework of a specific relationship, Fraser has once more made clear that it is the institutional framework itself that makes possible both analysis and critique--yet by the same token represents the greatest resistance to them.
Brandell provides a needed chapter on evidence-based practice, citing psychoanalytic process and outcome studies.
Feminist theorists of visual culture have advanced our understanding of identification as more than a psychoanalytic process divorced from anything outside of the individual's self-development.
The author attempts to clarify some of the differences between ordinary doubts and uncertainties that are part and parcel of the psychoanalytic process, on the one hand, and the sort of doubt that Socrates called "aporia," that is, philosophical and conceptual, on the other.
Lipset makes a limited use of psychoanalytic theory which, although insightful in parts, lacks a genuine empirical grounding in the concreteness of the Murik experience and the ethnographer's experience of the psychoanalytic process.