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With psychodrama, people learn how to psychoanalyse their problems.
Jaenicke (psychology and psychotherapy, Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie, Berlin) understands therapy as a deeply emotional engagement between the patient and the psychotherapist, an engagement that is constructed by both and contains risk to both.
Dobbs narrates the soulish center of psychoanalytic thought beginning with Bruno Bettelheim's reminder that in Freud's mother tongue, his pronunciation accented the first syllable of psychoanalyse, i.
Sgt Dowd said: "We are not trying to make police officers psychologists or able to psychoanalyse specific mental health issues, that's not the police's role.
I don't psychoanalyse the character of Tennison too much," she explains.
And Wegert doubtlessly goes too far when he tries to psychoanalyse an eighteenth-century chicken.
When Monica awoke on the couch, Playfair told her: "Monica, I am going to build a time machine in the next room and I will go back and psychoanalyse Jack the Ripper, then perhaps dine on the Titanic.
She was advised to start keeping a notebook, and try to psychoanalyse herself into becoming a more normal person.
I don't know Scott personally so I wouldn't want to psychoanalyse him but he's a closeted individual and has turned out to be his own worst enemy.
It is interactive and asks visitors questions in a bid to psychoanalyse them.
Knox has the misguided self-assurance to psychoanalyse Cohen himself as 'one who feels lost, uncertain about himself and who he should be' (pp.