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Talk to psychoanalytic critics about Psycho and they will tell you how perfectly the him illustrates the perverse mechanisms of the medium.
Already stalled, following the so-so reaction of critics and fans (and the band themselves) to 1997's Oh What a Lovely Pie, the Psychos undergo a classic rock'n'roll collision between the competitive, business-minded Walsh (who would use his Prodigy cash to lay the foundations for Cherry Bar, the soon-to-beiconic bar in the soon-to-be-renamed Melbourne alleyway ACDC Lane) and the 'hopeless', music-minded Knight.
But Psycho lives on thanks to the way it affected the cultural landscape of filmmaking through editing and (often unseen) horror.
Hoping for showers: Psycho (left) would appreciate some rain
Its first scene is the hotel tryst, with original dialogue from Psycho including Marion's plea for marriage and Sam's speculation that she is considering breaking off their relationship.
The outsize dresses were not for 'a big mum', but for Psycho, wanting the impossible, garbed in female attire, ill, unshaven, chain-smoking, drinking Luksus beer, looking out the window into the street of whores.
Next, is an influence that was not entirely made clear to me when I first read American Psycho.
He was best known for adapting Robert Bloch's novel Psycho, which director Alfred Hitchcock asked him to rework for the big screen.
Psycho told me he was going to go back to his life of crime.
We can attribute this neglect in part to the practice of approaching characters in Psycho as socially decontextualized moral agents, and of discussing murderous acts as proceeding from the delusions of an individual psychopath like Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) rather than from the social structures of American society itself.
Jay was down-to-earth but definitely had that "psycho gleam" running in his eyes Most of the best skaters have a psycho gleam--the Cardiel look, like they could snap your neck in half at any given moment if they felt inclined.
Psycho Beach Party * Written by Charles Bush * Directed by Robert Lee King * Starring Thomas Gibson Lauren Ambrose * Strand Releasing
WRITER-DIRECTOR Mary Harron's rendering of Bret Easton Ellis' hypercontroversial novel American Psycho may be less interesting as a movie than as a cultural event, which seems to be the fate of a number of films in the age of Hollywood's intellectual bankruptcy.
It's Halloween and it's time to spend time with our favorite horror movies, including classics like Psycho, and more recent scary movies, like the Saw trilogy.
One of the most exciting is Psycho Comedy who will be at the Kazimier team's new venue, The Invisible Wind Factory on July 2.