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The budget-neutral bill allows 10 states and the District of Columbia to continue to serve adult Medicaid beneficiaries (ages 21-64) who would otherwise be prohibited from accessing short-term acute care in psychiatric hospitals because of the "Institutions for Mental Disease" (IMD) exclusion.
Psychiatric Hospital administrator Hassan Hashim described the plan as an effective decentralisation of the hospital's services.
To see why the design features of psychiatric hospitals must be significantly different from those of general hospitals, one need look no farther than the design and function of the patient room in a general hospital and consider how its design and functional requirements differ from those of a psychiatric hospital (See figure 1).
Under current law, Medicaid cannot pay for care provided in psychiatric hospitals.
When space in a psychiatric hospital is unavailable, patients who ought to be hospitalized remain in local treatment centers that can't provide high levels of care, stretching their resources beyond their limits.
Several royal palaces built by Khedive Ismail used to stand on the site currently occupied by the Abbaseyya Psychiatric Hospital, but most were destroyed by fire.
There are Z5 NZNO members working at Ashburn Hall, the country's oldest private psychiatric hospital.
Martin Davies, 23, who killed Gwen Poole, 66, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly, after "hearing voices in his head" was yesterday sent to a secure psychiatric hospital "indefinitely".
Summary: BEIRUT: Patients of the Al-Fanar Psychiatric Hospital in the southern village of Zahrani performed a "day painting session" in the framework of a project implemented by the Italian NGO "CTM.
Summary: King Mohammed VI laid, Monday in Oujda, the foundation stone of a psychiatric hospital and inaugurated an orthopedic and physiotherapy center, worth 32 million dirhams (1 dollar = 7.
The new Queen Elizabeth psychiatric hospital is being built on Vincent Drive on the opposite side of the road to the current building on Mindelsohn Way and is nearing completion.
Schizophrenia accounted for the longest average lengths of stay, and patients with schizophrenia were more likely than any other group to have received treatment from a psychiatric hospital, rather than a general hospital.
After his capture, Alvarado was imprisoned in Havana's Psychiatric Hospital where, Calzon writes, "he was given electroshocks and psychotropic drugs.
In Western countries, it's more common for men with schizophrenia to kill themselves shortly after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
Caporoso, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Rehabilitation Services Department, PO Box 7500, W.
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