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Synonyms for psych

psych someone out


psych yourself up


  • prepare yourself
  • get in the mood
  • steel yourself
  • get in the right frame of mind
  • gear yourself up
  • nerve yourself
  • summon up your courage
  • gird your loins
References in classic literature ?
But Psyche, uplifting her finger, Said -- "Sadly this star I mistrust -- Her pallor I strangely mistrust -- Ah, hasten
Thus I pacified Psyche and kissed her, And tempted her out of her gloom -- And conquered her scruples and gloom; And we passed to the end of the vista -- But were stopped by the door of a tomb -- By the door of a legended tomb: -- And I said -- "What is written, sweet sister, On the door of this legended tomb?
I have stolen away from the crowd in the groves, Where the nude statues stand, and the leaves point and shiver At ivy-crowned Bacchus, the Queen of the Loves, Pandora and Psyche, struck voiceless forever.
Lady Wetherby, having got the Dance of Psyche out of her system, and replaced it with a glass of iced coffee, was inclined for conversation.
That needs to change, as does the patently American affection for tiptoeing around children's psyches for fear of disturbing them.
StudyMode's relationship with this expansive student base puts it in a unique position to glean important insights into the lives and psyches of the student population.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Psyche Systems makes CIOReview's Top Healthcare Solution Providers list for its excellence in providing NucleoLIS, a fully automated standalone molecular laboratory information system designed to support the unique workflow, as well as the complex deviations, and reporting requirements of molecular testing.
Since 1976, Psyche Systems has delivered products that help laboratories of all sizes run more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Psyche Systems' WindoPath[R] anatomic pathology information system scored #1 among all anatomic pathology software solutions surveyed according to the 2008 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services Report*.
May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Psyche Systems Corporation and Luminate Health have recently formed a strategic alliance which offers a first-of-its-kind platform that helps labs comply with new federal HHS legislation regarding patient access to lab results, transforms the way patients engage with these results, and improves provider workflow.
Since 1976, Psyche Systems has delivered products and services to help laboratories of all sizes and types run more efficiently and cost-effectively.