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Synonyms for psych

psych someone out


psych yourself up


  • prepare yourself
  • get in the mood
  • steel yourself
  • get in the right frame of mind
  • gear yourself up
  • nerve yourself
  • summon up your courage
  • gird your loins
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Liverpool Psych Fest is number 12 on the list of best value for money festivals
Search tools were Sport achievement motivation inventory by (Mohammad, 1998) and Scale of Psych alienation by researcher.
Such freedom led to pineapples appearing in every episode and the popular Psych Out outtakes, such as Roday and Hill vamping Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror while shooting the pilot.
Absolutely no one wants this alarm system to be a success more than we do," said Linda Monahan, who is CAPT's Napa Chapter president and also a longtime Psych Tech.
The lineup for the festival's second year includes an eclectic mix of the best psych artists from both home and abroad.
What with Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia capturing the imagination of the nation's music press, it seems the city is now once again the home of all things Psych.
This year Psych came back with a 22% 18-49 ratings increase over the previous season's premiere, rare for a long-running series.
Details of the agreement have not been revealed, but the insider told FOX 411 psych tests that are typically required in these circumstances, and neither side wanted deal with that.
Psych students learn more through distance ed but are less satisfied.
The Med Psych program was developed to help members experiencing depression or other mental health issues who also have chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes or congestive heart failure.
A Rutgers University lecturer who went on a Twitter rant after Donald Trump's Election Day victory was taken to a psych ward for his comments, (http://www.
Reverberation Psych Fest has released the line-up for the 2016 edition of the weekend.
com)-- 7th Psych Clothing introduces a new eco fashion line of targeted to dark and edgy alternative consumers.
Trwbador: O'Neill's (Trinity St), Thursday The duo's sparsely constructed folk and psych is all wistful and haunting.
Ashley grew up listening to a some medley of rock, psych and punk.