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Synonyms for psi

a unit of pressure

the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet

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Programme Leader in running the daily affairs of the PSI Initiative, in line with its strategy and goals.
PT465XL nozzle-pressure transducer with flexible armored cable for longer life, 8-mil-thick flush diaphragm, and accurate measurements to 30,000 psi and 750 F.
Ortiz took a PSI assessment test when he was hired as an associate broker in Cushman's L.
While PSI actively solicits its members for comments and input on the definitions, that doesn't mean non-PSI members cannot provide information.
Hal Johnson, President and CEO of the Upstate Alliance, said the regional economic development group helped PSI find a site after getting a tip last fall that it was putting a facility in the area.
Pressure ranges from 10-in H20 to 60,000 psi, load ranges from 25 grams to 3 million lb.
Luminex is the right partner for PSI to bring this technology to our customers," said Michael Maulick, CEO of Platform Solutions, Inc.
04 g/cc, tensile strength of 3300 psi, and flex modulus of 110,000 psi.
IBM's lawsuit against PSI is part of a concerted effort to eliminate competition for mainframe computers, and its refusal to provide the operating systems needed to run mainframe computers to PSI customers is blatantly anti-competitive," Reilly said.
This transaction brings PSI a high quality facility with an outstanding staff that has recently initiated a substantial expansion.
Pressure ranges from 10-in HO to 60,000 psi, load ranges from 25 grams to 3 million lb.
PSI has received a commitment from Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
7, respectively Both have flex modulus of 50,000 psi and tensile modulus of 70,000 psi.
PSI is launching with Carpe Diem Sales & Marketing, InkHead Promotional Products, and National Event Staffing as its first affiliates.