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an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions

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What Christina Hoff Sommers encountered at CSAP was, I contend, the anti-science movement in health promotion while, at the Society for Prevention Research, I encountered its pseudoscience counterpart.
Shermer then asserts, however, that science can be distinguished from pseudoscience by the progressive and cumulative character only of the former.
Throughout, the text differentiates science and technology, explores the philosophy of science, and demonstrates the insidiousness of pseudoscience.
Observed Chancey, "The overall impression the various editions convey is of an inability to differentiate between pseudoscience, urban legends, fringe theories, and mainstream scholarship as well as between faith claims and nonsectarian descriptions.
pseudoscience, debunking popular perceptions of paranormal phenomenon and deconstructing contentions to explore the roots of 'pseudoscience'.
Separating fact from fiction, Edwin Yager stands up for hypnotism as a legitimate practice and not just to be tossed to the side as a pseudoscience.
Quantum Shift in the Global Brain did not disappoint, but for rather a surprising reason: the book is a strange juxtaposition of societal and global trends, quantum and chaos physics, and pseudoscience, with wide breadth and bold claims.
This pseudoscience has now been blown out of the water by a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
David Theodoropolis - The author reads from "Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience," 5 p.
Johnson explains that "materialism is the characteristic concept by which twentieth century pseudoscience has accomplished this.
ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience (Johns Hopkins Univ.
A meeting of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences in May addressed the rise of pseudoscience in that country.
The husband's sexual crisis is handled with an aura of hysteria and pseudoscience appropriate to the period--his anguish and shame call to mind Grant Williams as The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) angrily rejecting his wife when she attempts to comfort him for his mysterious loss of masculine pride.
We are bombarded daily in the media by "voodoo science," from fatuous pseudoscience to willful misrepresentation.
Activities are grouped into several major areas of study in astronomy including lunar phases and eclipses, the sun and the seasons, the planets, the scale of the solar system, comets and meteors, star-finding and constellations, stars, galaxies and the universe, space exploration and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), tools of the astronomer, debunking pseudoscience, and astronomy in different cultures.