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an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions

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Alas, so is the marriage between pseudoscience and prejudice, joined in an unceasing hunger for America's brains.
PALEOFANTASY: WHAT EVOLUTION REALLY TELLS US ABOUT SEX, DIET, AND HOW WE LIVE contests the belief that cavemen ate better and were healthier for it, debunking the 'paleofantasy' based on pseudoscience and considering the evolution of diet and human adaptation.
He said: "It is an out-of-date pseudoscience that deserves no respect.
Chapter 1 debunks supernatural possession, encounters with supernatural entities, and the pseudoscience version of demon possession known as multiple-personality disorder.
But many commentators argue that putting these factors into a formula to designate a single day as the most depressing one of the year for everyone is silly pseudoscience.
It's classic pseudoscience with words that look like they might mean something," News.
By Oliver Burkeman/London The Pseudoscience Wars, It's a given that the world of pop psychology contains spadefuls of pseudoscience, but as soon as you start reading Michael Gordin's compelling new book, you realise you don't quite know what that word means.
Many biologists who do battle with creationist pseudoscience are guilty of propagating the equally egregious pseudoscience of evolutionism, which survives within the "halo" of evolutionary science so that accepting evolution easily spills over into embracing evolutionism.
Readers get an introduction to the scientific method and learn to identify pseudoscience, but the lesson is more like eavesdropping on a stimulating discussion than listening to a lecture.
More eugenics from the Government based on pseudoscience and skewed statistics.
As in the pseudoscience of bloodletting, just so in the pseudoscience of city rebuilding and planning," wrote Jane Jacobs in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, her scholarly assault on the field of city planning.
It's challenging for our students to distinguish between true science and technological pseudoscience.
LIKE-MINDED critics have launched a Coventry branch of Skeptics in a pub holding talks on paranormal, pseudoscience and philosophy.
In one of life's circuitous routes, it was a fellow grad student who introduced me to Gardner's famous pseudoscience debunking Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science.
Dr Goldacre In Conversation, talking on scientific inaccuracy, health scares, pseudoscience and quackery, is one of two events being recorded for BBC Radio Wales Science Cafe programme, along with a pub quiz at the Bridge End in Ruabon.