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Synonyms for incrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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In most cases the hornblende is completely altered to chlorite and epidote and pseudomorphs after hornblende are well noticed.
The individual chemical and microstructural micromilieu in each clay pseudomorph plays a big role during the entire sequential argillization of igneous and metamorphic rocks.
1974) observed the process of oxidation of pyrite from the outer edge to the inside of the framboids, noting that the first products are poorly crystalline iron oxyhydroxide hypocoatings and pseudomorphs after pyrite framboids, which sometimes have a remnant nucleus of pyrite.
Ink Release 43 Thick or diffuse clouds, pseudomorphs, long ropes, short strings, diffuse puffs, or alternating with defecation 6.
The Blanch-Ink-Jet Maneuver may be universal in squids inhabiting the photic zone: the animal blanches Clear and jets away quickly in the backwards direction while ejecting ink in a pseudomorph that remains in the same approximate position from which the squid started the maneuver.
There are striations on most of the cube faces of the Russian golds that are inconsistent with what would exist on pyrite, further indicating that this is not a pseudomorph.
Unfortunately, when a few of the pseudomorph specimens were marketed in the U.
According to geological nomenclature, these are pseudomorphs, "false forms": minerals that, as a result of substitution or alteration, have the appearance of other minerals, despite being compositionally different.
Foster (1981) determined that muscovite and biotite pseudomorphs after staurolite formed as a result of sillimanite nucleation that sets up chemical potential gradients between the growing sillimanite, pre-existing staurolite, and the rock matrix of biotite, muscovite, plagioclase, quartz, ilmenite, and garnet.
Soft rot decay and wood pseudomorphs in an ancient coffin (700 BC) from tumulus MM at Gordion, Turkey.
The mineral assemblage includes clinopyroxene, plagioclase, opaque minerals, and smectites (probably pseudomorphs after olivine).
Later during periods of fluvial, more oxidizing conditions, they were oxidized to goethite-hematite pseudomorphs (Fig.
The expanded study of textile imprints and pseudomorphs also contributes to our understanding of ancient textiles, as do new analytical methods and scientific analyses.
Actually, in my next lecture I plan to show "Map" upside down alongside Cezanne's hat and "Mont Sainte-Victoire," partly because I've come to believe over time that there are no pseudomorphs in visual art.
Iron oxide pseudomorphs after chalcopyrite make Emu Plain an exciting drill target.