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a solid bulblike enlargement of the stem of some orchids

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epiphytic and acaulescent), leaf sheaths not forming a pseudobulb (vs.
Plant an epiphyte, 30-50 cm tall including the inflorescence, forming dense groups; rosette funnelform, erect, the leaf sheaths forming a subfusiform pseudobulb.
Orchids produce pseudobulbs and -- in the manner of common garden bulb plants such as narcissus, tulip and lily -- have leaves that curl and dry up prior to abscission (falling off).
Repot the plant into a larger container, or divide plants into groups of three to five pseudobulbs (bulbs with leaves).
5 cm wide, wide arching, not drooping in habit, leaf bases persistent, enclosing pseudobulbs within; raceme pendulous to 25 cm long; sepals and petals with broad dark purple central band, edges pale green, less than 2 cm long, 0.
The inconspicuous plant has long pseudobulbs which bear a single leaf.
For orchids, this includes the abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces, stems, pseudobulbs, inflorescences, under sheaths (Cattleya orchids), and possibly the roots.
Many orchids spring from pseudobulbs that attach to and climb trees.
To divide, allow three to five pseudobulbs (with leaves) per section.
The thick, leathery leaves are attached to pseudobulbs (enlarged stems), which send up stems topped with one to five or more flowers.
When pseudobulbs bulge over the rim, or when the potting mix feels punky and compacted instead of firm and porous, it's time to repot.