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an ancient stringed instrument similar to the lyre or zither but having a trapezoidal sounding board under the strings

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The title does not refer to a Psalter, but to a musical instrument, a psaltery or lyre, often represented on frontispiece engravings of early hymn books.
If in your psaltery, Father of Love, there is a tone Perceptible to his ear, Refresh his heart
The pair play a plethora of exotic instruments, including the bodhran, concertina, psaltery, penny whistles, and fiddle and bones, just to name a few.
In his explanation of the musical instruments in Bosch's paintings, for example, Silver equates a psaltery, a plucked instrument, with a dulcimer, which was played with hammers--a comparison akin to calling a harpsichord a piano.
Worcestershire County Council will be working with adults to make a psaltery, an authentic musical instrument, on Saturday, April 14.
3] -E+R TIRRANS, the plural of tirran, a Scots form of tyrant -E+V SIRVANT, a 14-16th century spelling of servant -I+F FARNETS, bands of attendants -N+J AIR-JETS, jets of air (see 1964 quote at OED trans-) -N+U SAUTRIE, a 14-16 century spelling of psaltery -N+Y RAYIEST, a possible superlative form of the adjective rayie, ray-like -N+Z RAZIEST, a possible superlative form of the adjective razie, racy -S+Y YAIR-NET, a long net with poles for catching fish -T+E ARISENE, obsolete form of arisen (see 1000 and c1175 quotes at OED arisen) -T+Y YAIRNES, the -s form of yairne, a 16th century Scots spelling of yearn -T+Z RAZINES, an obsolete spelling of raisins
The mayor strummed a psaltery, the mayoress thumped a side drum and musicians Paul Leigh and Gill Page, from Trouvere, played a crum horn and citole.
Derek Gifford is a seasoned performer of songs, unaccompanied or with guitar or bowed psaltery.
In this group everybody had to play several instruments, and so I played recorders, lute, percussion, krumhorn and psaltery.
The club was begun by Chris Hingley of Quartz Hill, who plays a bowed psaltery, and Carolyn Burrell of Lancaster, who plays Celtic harp.
The Old Testament speaks of bells,cymbals and timbrel (percussion); psaltery, sack but and dulcimer (strings); pipes,flute and horn (wind).
The five ladies who make up the Ensemble Galilei play fiddle, pipes, oboe, recorders, pennywhistle, Celtic harp, viola da gamba, percussion, and bowed psaltery.
One played the harp; another the viol; another, the flute; another, a fife; one played a rebeck; another, a rote; one sang the words; another played notes; one, the sackbut; another, the fife; one, the bagpipe; another, the reed-pipe; one, the mandora and another attuned the psaltery with the monochord; one performed with marionettes, another juggled knives; some did gymnastics and tumbling tricks; another danced with his cup; one held the hoop; another leapt through it; everyone performed his art perfectly.
and Mary Anna Dunn played a selection of instrumental American and Irish folk music on the dulcimer, bowed psaltery, and guitar.