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Synonyms for prune

Synonyms for prune

to decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising

Synonyms for prune

dried plum

Related Words

cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

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The cook and author has teamed up with California Prunes to create some tasty prune-based dishes, including prune and salted caramel cream, and prune and duck tartare tartlets (see below).
If you want to make room for prunes in your life, here are two recipes from Rosemary Shrager and California Prunes
ISLAMABAD -- University of Liverpool researchers have found that including prunes in a health based diet helps lose more weight.
Following the success of the California Prune and Porter Truffle, launched in Autumn 2013 and the Plum Pudding Dome and the Plum Pudding Brownie which achieved excellent sales as part of the Christmas range, the new Blondie is now on-sale.
Prune back to a few inches above ground level in spring.
Prunes are now the only natural, whole and dried fruit to achieve an authorised health claim in the EU following a six-year application process by the California Prune Board.
Little wonder, then, that many gardeners are baffled as to when to actually prune their roses to ensure a flurry of gorgeous flowers in the summer and beyond.
If you want your roses to produce fantastic blooms later in the season, you may need to prune some of them now, HANNAH STEPHENSON reports THEY are the quintessential English plant, with unrivalled fragrance, beauty and variety of colours, shapes and sizes.
The cardinal rule with new roses is always to prune the stems on dormant bushes to three buds before planting, no matter how resistant you feel to cutting healthy growth.
It's a good idea to prune wisterias twice a year because they grow so rapidly.
As the corporation has to prune thousands of trees located in its parks and colonies, getting permission has become a troublesome process," an SDMC official, said.
Just because you have a pair of hedge trimmers does not mean you know how to prune a shrub, although the basics are actually very easy to learn.
This comprehensive manual contains 27 chapters that update Prune Orchard Management, which was first printed in 1981.
It all points to a central challenge for 2012: how to effectively grow revenue and prune costs.