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Synonyms for prune

Synonyms for prune

to decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising

Synonyms for prune

dried plum

Related Words

cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

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Prune out dead or weak stems now but wait to do more vigorous pruning until after their first flowering to encourage an exuberant late-season display of blooms.
You can even leave them unpruned and then hard prune them every three to four years in late winter, cutting them back to around 50cm (1.
After the first flush of flowers in early summer, prune off the old flowers to strong buds immediately below the old bloom, to encourage a second flush of flowers later in the summer.
ISLAMABAD -- University of Liverpool researchers have found that including prunes in a health based diet helps lose more weight.
Following the success of the California Prune and Porter Truffle, launched in Autumn 2013 and the Plum Pudding Dome and the Plum Pudding Brownie which achieved excellent sales as part of the Christmas range, the new Blondie is now on-sale.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT - Pruning standard apple trees NOW is the time to prune your standard apple trees to keep them in shape, allow in more light and reduce the amount of fruit they carry, which will result in larger, tastier, better quality fruits.
The best time to prune autumn and winter-planted roses and established bushes is early spring, when growth is just beginning and the uppermost buds are swelling but no leaves have appeared.
As predicted, it took the least time to prune and remove wood from the trellis with spur pruning treatment, and the most time with non-pruned and five-node hedged vines.
It all points to a central challenge for 2012: how to effectively grow revenue and prune costs.
Clematis are the climbers which cause the most confusion when it comes to pruning because there are three groups of them, and if you prune the wrong type at the wrong time you'll ruin your chances for blooms this year.
Californian prune producers are stepping up efforts to reposition the fruit as a snack to combat sluggish sales.
Whether you're trying to improve fruit and flower production, prune for health or structural integrity, provide utility pruning, or are just looking to enhance a tree's natural beauty, there are a few simple guidelines that will ensure positive results.
It really doesn't harm the plant, but you will need to prune out the resulting dead and damaged stems later, which isn't very productive.
Q I have two-year-old blackcurrant bushes which I didn't prune last autumn.
Where you have an avocado tree growing in your front or backyard, the only reason to prune is to keep lower branches 6 feet off the ground so that squirrels cannot jump into the tree and munch the fruit.