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Synonyms for proximity

Synonyms for proximity

the property of being close together


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the region close around a person or thing

a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) objects or events that are near to one another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging together as a unit

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Unacast is an aggregator of proximity data in the industry.
Based in Leeds and Nottingham, Proximity partners with some of the world's foremost software companies to develop, deliver, maintain and support high-performance solutions and applications for leading global companies in the logistics, manufacturing, retail and finance sectors.
With the Keypasco Proximity patent a user can use the nearness in space and time to be secure in a natural and user-friendly way.
In the complaint, Malteurop alleges that the Proximity malt team began planning their new company while still employed at Malteurop, and electronically transferred almost 10,000 confidential documents to help them with their start-up.
According to MSHA's proposal, mines will have eight months after the rule goes into effect to be in compliance for coal-hauling machines and scoops manufactured after the effective date of the rule (also for coal-hauling machines and scoops equipped with an existing proximity detection system).
The proximity and displacement sensors market is primarily driven due to the growing demand for automation in the industrial sector.
Results of these studies of adult proximity help to support the use of adults working in close proximity of a student; however, they did not focus specifically on paraprofessionals delivering one-on-one support.
The proximity detection systems standard will be incorporated into 30 C.
Proximity specialises in voice and data network infrastructure solutions.
Stations, however, are not the only proximity factor buyers take into consideration.
Ambient light and proximity sensors are necessary for smartphone display management, adapting the display brightness to the current light environment and controlling the display and touchscreen on/off status when the phone is held up to the ear.
Earlier this month, Proximity India had won the digital mandate for the Visa brand in India.
Utilizing a developed model for quantifying virtual proximity and innovation, this study examines the effects of virtual proximity on innovation.
The present section contains some of the basic notions required for proximity spaces.
CHINA: Zorbit, which designs and manufactures products for the personal care and beauty industries, has opened an office in mainland China, located in the same industrial complex as Zorbit's core manufacturing base and within great proximity to most of the other factories within the Zorbit network, according to the company.