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Synonyms for proximate

not far from another in space, time, or relation

about to occur at any moment

Antonyms for proximate

closest in degree or order (space or time) especially in a chain of causes and effects


very close in space or time

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The Fifth Circuit panel that consisted of judges Edith Jones, Jerry Smith and Emilio Garza agreed, "We conclude that the district court's opinion misapplies proximate cause analysis and further, even if proximate cause had been proven, the injunction is an abuse of discretion.
Causation inquires into both factual and proximate cause.
The aim of the present research is, therefore, to study the effect of progressive substitution of QPM flour with soybean and cassava flour on the proximate composition of the bread produced from the composite flour.
We term previous FDIs in Quadrant I double-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to both the MNE's home country and the host country of a focal subsequent FDI, previous FDIs in Quadrant 2 home-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to the MNE's home country, previous FDIs in Quadrant 3 host-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to the host country of a focal subsequent FD1, and previous FDIs in Quadrant 4 double-distant experience since they are located in countries approximate to neither the MNE's home country nor the host country of a focal subsequent FDI.
1) Federal courts have recently relied on this general causal language and other arguments to apply the common law idea of proximate cause to several federal statutes.
Courts have struggled, however, with interpreting and applying the statute's proximate cause language, resulting in rough justice for victims and defendants.
In the scene above, both the line-of-duty officer (LD) and the financial liability investigations of property loss (FLIPL) officer assigned to investigate these facts must resolve whether certain actions were negligent, and whether that negligence formed the proximate cause of the officer's self-inflicted wounds and property damage to the MRAP.
The court found the companies, including Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo, were financing a market for subprime loans rather than making the loans directly to Cleveland homeowners, so the proximate cause standards set in a 1992 Supreme Court decision, Holmes v.
O'Dowd was negligent but his negligence was not a proximate cause of the plaintiff's injuries and damages, and the court entered judgment for Dr.
Pope Benedict XVI revealed the document will be based around three stages, "remote, proximate and immediate".
In Nolan v Weil-McLain, 2009 WL 1012147 (Ill Sup Ct), the court overruled a line of cases from the Illinois Appellate Court that had effectively eliminated any opportunity for asbestos defendants to point to the negligence of others as the sole proximate cause of plaintiffs' injuries.
4) The Illinois Supreme Court upheld both convictions under the felony murder rule and reaffirmed its allegiance to the proximate cause theory of felony murder.
The 150,000 s/f, three-story warehouse features high ceilings, modern amenities and is proximate to major traffic outlets such as the Long Island Expressway and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.
ISSUE: Nurses and an anesthesiologist employed by a hospital, in which a patient who underwent a bilateral knee replacement died two days after surgery, were allegedly negligent and were allegedly the direct and proximate cause of the patient's death.
These records showed that workers had high chronic exposure in the distant past, much lower exposure in the more proximate past, and still lower exposure at the time of the study.