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situated nearest to point of attachment or origin


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Fatigue fracture of a proximally modular, distally tapered fluted implant with diaphyseal fixation.
Distal half of fore femur with 1115 proximally directed setae in 2 rows, 200-230 [micro]m long (Fig.
Dorsal fin grey-green with irregular rows of dark red small dots; proximally larger, distally denser and smaller, dark red spots on upper anterior margin.
HemaClear enables physicians to perform bloodless procedures more proximally, thus reducing the amount of blood loss, increasing the visibility for the physician, and contributing to a better outcome for the patient.
The scar was minimally debrided, and soft tissues were proximally elevated 1 cm from the bone.
The distal tip of the VP shunt may migrate proximally along the chest wall, and may end up either in the pleural cavity or the lung parenchyma, with a few cases of bronchial perforation also being reported.
The nasolacrimal apparatus arises embryologically from a cord of surface ectoderm that invaginates between the maxillary and frontonasal processes, giving rise to the canaliculi proximally and the lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal duct distally.
Metacarpals are fused proximally or along their entire length in Platygonus, and unfused in Mylohyus.
The fascicular structure of the lower sciatic nerve and the relationship of individual fascicles to distal nerve branches and terminal muscles will indicate the initial feasibility of selectively activating individual fascicles within the lower sciatic nerve using a single proximally located cuff electrode.
68x as high as eye; shallowly excavated proximally, more deeply so distally forming pocket-like depression beneath antennophore.
Black esophagus is a rare disease characterized by circumferentially appearing necrosis of the distal esophagus that extends proximally and may involve the entire length of the organ.
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, relapsing inflammatory disorder that affects the mucosal lining of the rectum and extends proximally to affect a variable extent of the colon.
Starting at this position, the injection of about 11 cc of hydrodissection fluid was begun, directly under, in the anatomic sagittal plane containing line OP, using the jet of fluid near the needle tip to carefully separate the median nerve from the deep surface of the retinaculum (figure 3), and was continued proximally along line OP until line PR was reached.
We do, however, extend the resection a bit proximally if the patient has a history of chronic constipation.