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situated nearest to point of attachment or origin


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TA muscle originates in the lateral condyle of the tibia, proximally two thirds of the lateral surface of the tibia, the interosseous membrane and the deep fascia of the leg.
Uncemented primary THA components were used in all hips, which included proximally porous coated tapered wedge stems.
Over time, it extends proximally to involve diaphysis and metaphysis of these bones.
Using long plates, the metaphyseal and distal diaphyseal fracture is bypassed and the plate fixed proximally with at least three screws in the healthy diaphyseal bone.
Thorax: Scutum predominantly grey pubescent, pleura predominantly apubescent; anterior slopes (facing occiput) apubescent, otherwise densely grey pubescent with broad sublateral stripes (not reaching anterior margin) and narrower paramedian stripes (not reaching posterior margin) sparsely grey pubescent (or even apubescent); scutellum grey pubescent proximally, apubescent distally, asetose; mesopostnotum, anatergite, and katatergite grey pubescent.
However, most cannulas are closed by a hub proximally, which prevents the spillage of blood but also makes it difficult to determine whether the cannula tip remains within the artery.
1B) larger than left; merus with 3 crests as follows: upper crest with rows of tubercles, internal lower crest with 12 teeth, diminishing in size proximally, external lower crest with row of low tubercles; carpus with 5 tubercles on internal crest; palms of both chelipeds smooth, swollen; fingers of chelae with rows of tubercles, not gaping when closed, tips crossing, both fingers with large rounded teeth, intercalated with smaller ones.
Dorsal fin grey green to grey yellow with irregular rows of dark red small spots and dots; spots somewhat horizontally coalesced proximally, medially elongated on fin rays, distally denser and smaller.
The mucosal EGJ in a healthy person overlaps with the squamocolumnar junction (SCJ) (Figure 1), but the SCJ in patients with a hiatal hernia is frequently displaced proximally, to various degrees, away from the mucosal EGJ (Figure 2).
The side edges and end edges of the absorbent assembly may be disposed proximally relative to the respective side edges and end edges of the chassis.
Leaves erect to spreading, rosulate, 8 to 20 in number, 75-120 cm long; leaf sheaths narrowly elliptic, 4-12 x 2-4 cm, castaneous with a thin pale margin, nerved, proximally very densely covered with asymmetrical and shaggy dark ferruginous trichomes; leaf blades linear, attenuate, 3-7mm wide, involute, inconspicuously and obtusely plicate, densely ferruginous lepidote toward the sheath especially abaxially becoming scattered dark punctate-lepidote toward the apex.
The distal ureter was voluminous immediately above the intramural segment, and proximally it tapered to normal calibre.
They have reported three typical anatomical variations of FCU 1) a large muscle belly running distally almost to the insertion onto the pisiform; 2) the muscle belly ending more proximally, with some large fibres running parallel to the tendon and almost reaching the pisiform; 3) the musculotendinous junction ending more proximally, with only single fibres continuing distally.