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situated nearest to point of attachment or origin


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Beginning about 1 cm proximal and lateral to the junction of the proximal and lateral nail fold, the dermatologist can slowly inject about 1.
Closed management of these proximal femoral fractures thus poses difficulties in obtaining and maintaining a reduction, making operative management the preferred treatment.
Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to biomechanically evaluate different suture anchor configurations on the time-zero or initial strength of proximal hamstring repairs.
All the patients had 12-lead ECG followed by coronary angiography (gold standard) for the detection of LAD occlusion proximal to D1.
Kangal ve Alman Coban Kopeklerinin Proximal Femur Bolumunde Cavum Medullare'nin Geometrik Ozellikleri
It was found intraoperatively that the distal part of the stem was well-fixed with solid bone ingrowth while the proximal part of the stem was without bone ingrowth.
Conclusion: In the surgical treatment of unstable extracapsular proximal femur fractures, reverse Less Invasive Stabilisation System plate could be easily applied with a minimally invasive fixation method as an alternative to other treatment methods with successful results.
As dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI showed fair perfusion of the proximal pole, an adequate healing potential with conservative treatment was estimated.
3) Based on these encouraging results and the lack of previous evidence on this topic, we decided to objectively document the effect of degloving and proximal ventral dissection on VC improvement in children with penoscrotal hypospadias.
Proximal Data holds core technology in the caching software area and has been
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 3, 2014-Samsung buys US Proximal Data
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-November 3, 2014-Samsung Electronics announces acquisition of Proximal Data
Tubular interstitial entities associated with circulating monoclonal light chains are associated with proximal and distal tubular lesions.
Proximal third femur fractures are common fractures seen in community.