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situated nearest to point of attachment or origin


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market for proximal devices has historically been much larger than the market for distal devices and is expected to increase its share in the total market over the forecast period.
This retrospective study reports on the evaluation of patients who sustained a proximal humerus fractures and were treated by fellowship trained orthopaedic traumatologists at a single academic center between December 2010 and December 2014 using the Equinoxe[R] proximal humerus locking plate.
application - at least four lengths, diameters of the proximal stent graft base:
3) Based on these encouraging results and the lack of previous evidence on this topic, we decided to objectively document the effect of degloving and proximal ventral dissection on VC improvement in children with penoscrotal hypospadias.
Proximal Data holds core technology in the caching software area and has been
KS)(OTC:SSNLF), a provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced on Monday that it has acquired Proximal Data Inc, a California-based pioneer of server-side caching software with I/O intelligence that work within virtualised systems.
Proximal and distal convoluted tubules are covered with cubical epithelium with big nuclears.
For Jeff Martin, Shoulder Options' Vice President of Commercial Operations, “Incorporating the unique GTFx plate into our commercialized AFT proximal humeral fracture system will allow surgeons to more effectively and less invasively treat a greater variety of proximal humeral fractures without the need of many different systems.
Colonoscopy is the most commonly used screening test in the US but there was insufficient evidence on how much it reduces the risk of proximal colon cancer and how often people should undergo the procedure," Shuji Ogino, co-senior author and associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH, said.
Fistulas from proximal LAD were originating from two small side-branches and with a further ramification, which terminate in the lung parenchyma as a five tracts (Fig.
Muscles were described from proximal to distal, from superficial to deeper layers, starting from a lateral view.
LISBON-Applying a fast-drying cyanoacrylate glue to the proximal nail fold once or twice weekly is an inexpensive and effective treatment for the habit-tic condition of onychotillomania.
Although, there are many cases of trans-scaphoid perilunate fracture dislocations in the literature, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first case describing the lunate in middle third of forearm and proximal part of the scaphoid in distal part.
On the proximal end of the body there is an opening which is preferably sufficiently large to receive an ANSI standard tip of a medical implement.
2]), a heavy metal is known to elicit nephrotoxicity by causing inflammation and necrosis of the proximal tubule cells in the kidney (1).