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the study of spatial distances between individuals in different cultures and situations

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Recall the interpersonal proxemics of rural locations where delinquent and non-delinquent youth may find it logistically difficult to avoid each other.
In "Toward a New Proxemics," the volume closes with an extended exploration of the crucial role of the Center of Regional Studies (CSR) at the University of New Mexico today.
Particular attention was drawn to their use of proxemic technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC, and they confirmed that those technologies were rarely used (Kirmani & Fleck, 2014; Walton et al.
Proxemics is the study of how to use space and how much space one needs to feel comfortable.
Geography in an Afropolitan/hybrid situation is complex because it refers to the physical home space, proxemics and nostalgia because the physical hybrid space creates an emotional one in the form of nostalgia.
Close analysis of selected scenes from the BBC's 1957 full television production of Under Milk Wood demonstrate that the realization of this text in the form and conventions of television brought new and interesting resonances to the work, enabling it to communicate meaning in more 'languages' (gesture, facial expression, proxemics, design, studio space, camerawork, etc) than just the richly evocative words of Dylan Thomas.
proxemics (location of the interlocutors in the communication space and their position towards each other, including the distance between them)
2008) 'The Proxemics of the Mediated Voice: An Analytical Framework for Understanding Sound Space in Mediated Talk', in Beck, J.
In addition, the focus on the presenters, the way they are presented to the audience, their way of reading the news (tone, voice, proxemics, etc.
Their wide-reaching research saw the application of proxemics, noise-absorbing paint, the construction of full-scale ergonomic mock-ups, carbon fibre armchairs inspired by the Ducati Monster, custom designed headphones and important innovations such as the use of airbags to protect luggage in the hold.
Sue and Sue (2008) explained that cultural differences could cause misunderstandings of implicit communication, including proxemics (interpersonal space), kinesics (body movements), paralanguage (vocal cues) and high-low context communication (degree of reliance on non-verbal cues).
While dialoging, she observes and engages in meaning-making, learns about proxemics (the physical distance she is expected to maintain, which varies from culture to culture), and develops communication strategies (e.
Proxemics is the field of knowledge that studies the space and the distances within the communication.
Most of our research on proxemics has employed digital files (images, video, and audio) together with a methodology we refer to as event oriented social inquiry (Tobin & Ritchie, 2012).
Has our society deteriorated to such a degree that writers believe showing a student using threatening proxemics and aggressive physical contact to ask for a teacher's assistance is acceptable?