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Synonyms for prow



Synonyms for prow

front part of a vessel or aircraft

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The PROW FUSION device has a footprint that is larger than other TLIF devices to provide greater biomechanical stability.
Concurrently, prow mounted a tighter show at the nonprofit institution Art in General in New York's Chinatown.
While the PROW network is important for allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the countryside for leisure purposes, it's time we all take a fresh look at it as a deliberate way to tackle congestion, climate change and health issues.
The glass prow is designed to sit at the end of the Hayes acting as a beacon for the new shop.
Neil and Wendy love their trendy riverside apartment; Building has become a Glasgow landmark; QE3's distinctive shape echoes the prow of grand cruise liner
As part of the project, Related will restore the Prow Building, at the corner of East 149th Street and River Avenue, in an effort to preserve the history of the old Terminal Market.
Radial piston engines were integrated into the prow of large, black fastback sedans as aircraft raced around menacing pylons jutting up from the earth.
We were not disappointed and we thought much of the background extremely clever - as CM said, the main structure looked like the prow and tails of a ship.
My father stood at the prow helping to steer us out toward open water.
He was the driver of a 1992 Cadillac sedan that collided with a 1994 truck owned by Coos Bay Transfer and driven by 59-year-old Gary Prow of Coos Bay.
Currently, most of this information-gathering is done through manual conversion of information to spreadsheets by individual tax units, notes Planitax president and CEO Greg Prow.
Highway authorities remain responsible for the management of the PROW network, which in effect puts the bulk of responsibility on the county councils.
It had to have an engine that thrummed, a handsome prow, and dark wood decking.