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a high-ranking university administrator

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Provost Lorraine Cameron was joined by compere Gina McKie to help celebrate the achievements of devoted community members who give their all to make Renfrewshire a better place to live.
And often, provosts have little experience with these areas.
Coltrane has served as interim provost for about seven months since former provost Jim Bean stepped down to teach at the university's Lund quist College of Business.
Examples of the University of Connecticut's administrative employees and their salaries: a $312,000-ayear provost and 13 vice, deputy, and associate vice provosts, including one who oversees "engagement" and makes $275,000 a year; 7 vice-presidents; 13 deans; and a president's chief of staff who makes $199,000 a year.
A CASH-STRAPPED council are spending pounds 30,000 on a painting and a stained-glass window of two Lord Provosts.
Mr Stephen said: "Lord Provosts' terms include a clothing allowance, and the Lady Provost plays a significant role in civic duties.
Previous Lord Provosts have always been seated at the front.
Using a 3-round Delphi survey, a group of 20 provosts identified and rated 20 dimensions to the value of faculty involvement in governance.
It gives lay members a chance to have a say in decisions but as part of the shake-up, provosts are to become deans and vice-provosts vice-deans.
The finalists are a vice president at University of Southern California, and provosts at Washington State University, California State University, Sacramento, and Howard University.
We've had four presidents, three provosts - a lot of movement," Coltrane told about 100 people assembled in a hall at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on campus.
But Montgomery insisted: "Have a look at what other Lord Provosts get and you'll see I'm the lowest-paid in Scotland.
In the last few years, several colleges and universities have placed diversity officers at the highest levels, reporting directly to provosts and presidents and ensuring that diversity and equity are real priorities.
Garrett said the situation will be handled by the provosts of the university.
Total international travel expenses for Lord Provosts of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.