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Remembering Crowder from their earlier time together when MacArthur was Provost Marshal General, MacArthur immediately transferred Crowder from his Supreme Court duties and made Crowder his military secretary and legal advisor.
In cases of violent acts by either federal troops or Confederate sympathizers or guerillas, the provost marshal could assert jurisdiction and adjudicate cases under military rules, a process that could produce the full range of punishments from posting a performance bond to fines, imprisonment, and even execution.
Army Provost Marshal General, Speech during Army Corrections Command Activation, 1 October, Arlington, Va.
Answer; using the O sound in provost marshal, the LEF sound in lieutenant (British version), and the UR sound in colonel, the correct pronunciation is "no left turn".
To conduct his analysis, Anbinder combed ledgers maintained by the Provost Marshal General's Bureau in the National Archives.
While in the service, he became assistant provost marshal in Vienna, Austria, and as time permitted he was able to attend the University of Aix, France, and the Beethoven Institute of Music.
Advance coordination with the provost marshal, airfield commander, Force Protection Office, Public Affairs Office, and various tenant agencies adjacent to the patrolling areas was critical to the plan's success.
Lt Commander Adrian Elston, who as Provost Marshal is in charge of policing the Navy's Fleet HQ in Portsmouth, has asked to see our dossier on Hill's sordid double life.
Generally unknown, unnoticed, and little honored, the provost marshal general of the Army of the Potomac proved his worth as an invaluable right-hand man to the commanding general.
US provost marshal general, the supervisor of the military police, Maj Gen Donald Ryder, says 12 of the deaths were "undetermined" or "natural causes" and 2 were homicides.
The Army Criminal Investigation Command will report directly to a new staff officer on the Army staff, the Provost Marshal General.
The prisoner was placed upon his coffin in a sitting position, a solemn and impressive prayer was offered by the chaplain after which he was blindfolded; the executioners take their position; the Provost Marshal gave the command and the unhappy man was launched into eternity.
The majority, however, were like the men under the command of Piet Kruger, President Kruger's son, who realized that the war was over for them, even though they persisted in occasional symbolic protests such as burning the Union Jack or insulting the local provost marshal.
Colonel Carroll has extensive experience in force protection and resource management based on two tours as installation Provost Marshal at Darmstadt, Germany, and Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and assignment to the Pentagon, in the Army's Combating Terrorism Branch, managing security funds.
This will be examined by the Provost Marshal who will decide if action is to be taken.