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a detachment under the command of a provost marshall

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The captain of the Marechaussee will have the usual provost guard drawn from the line near him and under his direction for the security of the prisoners.
Major Bandholtz, the 1st Division Provost Marshal, was on notice due to the unrest from the previous day and had placed six troops of cavalry Soldiers and a large contingent of his provost guard on alert.
Elements of the Provost Guard, Troop A (Cavalry) and personnel from the 35th Michigan were dispatched to Augusta to round up the Soldiers and remove them from the city.
Provost guard duties were assigned as added duties to personnel serving in line units.
When you can come to me and say that the provost guard is working to your satisfaction, you can go back to your command at the front.
Red cloth with white letters and alternate abbreviations were also used, including "PG" for provost guard, "PM" for provost marshal, and "APM" for assistant provost marshal.
Shown is a World War I era provost guard brassard with white letters over a narrow red band.
Bliss was in command of Company C, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry, which was serving as the provost guard near Waynesboro, Virginia, on 28 September 1864.
In Paris meanwhile, the 2d Provost Guard Company guarded American military prisoners at La Roquette Prison, with duties as prison guards, hospital guards, and other details.
Captain Marony was assigned detachments to serve as provost guard on a temporary basis.
He established a provost guard brigade for law enforcement in the city and a constabulary in the provinces.
When black men acted as provost guards in Memphis and other southern cities, they enforced a new order that, from the standpoint of many white Southerners, represented the world turned upside down.
These camps were manned by military police and provost guards.