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a military court for trying people charged with minor offenses in an occupied area

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He was tried and sentenced to imprisonment by a provost court for assaulting two Marine sentries on duty at the Navy Yard.
He ordered the courts to close and replaced them with two forms of military tribunal: provost courts, authorized to impose fines up to $5,000 and imprisonment of up to five years, and a military commission, which could impose more severe sentences, including the death penalty.
Richardson upped the ante by ordering Metzger to purge the court's records of the contempt proceedings, and threatened to punish Metzger either through the provost courts or the military commission.
7) By contrast, the Provost Court Benchbook contains no instructions for offenses or defenses.
Should the United States someday seek to prosecute EPWs or civilian internees, the EPW and Provost Court Benchbooks will, undoubtedly, play a preeminent role in such trials by navigating the military judge and counsel through a maze of unique legal requirements and complexities.
The Army's 1928 Manual included a similar clause providing that military commissions and provost courts "are summary in their nature, but so far as not otherwise provided have usually been guided by the applicable rules of procedure and of evidence prescribed for courts-martial.
28) In addition, the Army has issued detailed benchbooks for courts-martial of enemy prisoners of war within the meaning of the Third Geneva Convention (29) and provost courts trying civilian internees within the meaning of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
2 (1928) [hereinafter 1928 MCM] ("Military Commissions and Provost Courts .