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a high-ranking university administrator

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I have been doing it for years and I still get excited chasing horses," said Provost, who also owns Sundance Rodeo Company, which supplies 10 to 20 wild broncing horses to the Alberta and British Columbia rodeo circuits each year.
Dynamic duo Provost Lorraine Cameron and Radio Clyde's Gina McKie presented the awards
And the president will push across to the provost a lot of issues, many of them very complex, that the president doesn't believe are his or her responsibility.
Provost owns four KISS lunchboxes, an unopened deck of KISS playing cards, a KISS transistor radio and KISS brand condoms.
Background: Adkison comes to Henderson State from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, where he is provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.
Although cutting a low profile outside the UO, the provost job is key to the functioning of the university.
Oil and gas production began in Provost in the 1970 s and has led to tremendous growth in the area, positioning it as an industry leader in providing skilled labor and industry infrastructure.
The amazing work they do training and placing assistance dogs with deserving people worldwide enriches all our lives," says Provost.
The City Chambers already holds a series of paintings and portrait busts of Lord Provosts dating back as far as the 17th century.
Bring in the New You at Frank Provost Attractive package available across the salons in the UAE
Provost currently is assistant chief examiner of the division, having worked under Crouse since 2001.
Provost pushed Pasqua onto the empty Calgary light rail transit track on August 1, 2007.
Rhonda Allen has been named vice provost for faculty relations at Western Washington University.
Jake Reid, 56, was quizzed by armed officers after Dundee's Lord Provost John Letford took exception to being called an "embarrassment" in an email.
An undaunted Provost is still working on his autobiography, titled, ``Timmy's in the Well.