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Synonyms for provokingly

in a provocative manner

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Grewgious, provokingly slowly and internally, as he kept his eyes on the fire: 'I might have known it sooner; she gave me the opening; but I am such an exceedingly Angular man, that it never occurred to me; I took all for granted.
who interests me infinitely more than his wife), Laura is provokingly circumspect and silent.
And when he had got back into the middle of things they were all changed, subtly and provokingly in their nature: inanimate objects, human faces, the landlady, the rustic servant-girl, the staircase, the streets, the very air.
Regardless of this whispered remonstrance, and affecting not to hear it, his tormentor provokingly continued:
The worst of the matter was, that it thus fell out insensibly--and most provokingly, as Bella complained to herself, in her impetuous little manner--that her observation of Mr Boffin involved a continual observation of Mr Rokesmith.
The HDP will doggedly work for success in the election no matter how provokingly the government acts, DemirtaE- said.
The residents claimed that the uncle of accused was using delaying tactics due to which, Gul Ahmad Said, the accused provokingly had taken atrocious step in furious.
His most popular music is provokingly violent, earning early fans and detractors alike with heinous one-liners like Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome.
Before they press a bundle of bills into my father's hands, they stop for a moment, provokingly, in the middle of the kitchen as if they deserve a reward.
I would argue, however, that the fictions draw their strength from precisely such dire and difficult realities and that even the very worst villains among us can serve, provokingly, to remind us yet again, "that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.
The price tag for land in these areas has been provokingly high, such that demand for the plots fell well below expectations.
An awesome technique led to the final poignant Sostenuto movement; provokingly slow and desolate.
From time to time we receive submissions where the author draws very much on personal experience and ideas, sometimes controversially but always thought provokingly.
She provokingly suggests that modern poetry cannot find language in Paradise, thus it is relegated in limbo (168).
The author clearly establishes where each chapter is heading, and the overall work is often provokingly written and well-documented with extensive footnotes coupled with an excellent bibliography.