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in a provocative manner

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who interests me infinitely more than his wife), Laura is provokingly circumspect and silent.
Regardless of this whispered remonstrance, and affecting not to hear it, his tormentor provokingly continued:
In answer to my pull at the bell a young woman opened the door; and the light of a street lamp falling on her face, reminded me, as people are often vaguely and provokingly reminded, of features they have seen before; but where or how they cannot tell.
The almighty dollar is provokingly scarce, and we can't get credit, or at least, we are afraid to ask for it, for every store you enter, a placard stares you in the face with the words, Terms Cash, written wonderfully plain, as if the merchant feared you might mistake the meaning.
By carefully choosing a repertoire of good books appropriate to the children's ages on topics that deal with predictable problems at each stage of development, teachers and parents can guide and facilitate their students' (or children's) emotional growth and well-being by letting them experience what problems the story characters are facing, which are either beautifully resolved or provokingly unresolved.
The HDP will doggedly work for success in the election no matter how provokingly the government acts, DemirtaE- said.
The residents claimed that the uncle of accused was using delaying tactics due to which, Gul Ahmad Said, the accused provokingly had taken atrocious step in furious.
His most popular music is provokingly violent, earning early fans and detractors alike with heinous one-liners like Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome.
The editors of the volume, ask provokingly in their introduction: "WhyAntigone?
Viewing this discussion, a reader feels that many items remain provokingly up-to-date and finally unsolved.
Friday June two--Yesterday we determined to dine in the Cottage and accordingly sent every thing necessary out and went at three o'clock to fish all the afternoon but and called at Baly haly to take Miss H in--and were followed afterwards by Col[onel] & Mrs Haly & Mrs Tucker--we went on the water to fish but found it so cold and blowy that Mrs A was obliged to give it up and about six o'clock it provokingly became showery--The children came out with us (33)--we returned home about ten o'clock and had a fine evening--the drive to me was delightful--Today we drove to the Cottage but it was too raw and cold to venture on the water.
Dickens's sleepers, like Picasso's, are often sublimely and provokingly indifferent to the obsessive attentions of their waking counterparts.
Ultimately, it suggests a provocative answer to Prynne's attack on the theatre, taking advantage of the security signalled by official condemnation to provokingly enact the puritan's accusation that actors and spectators consort with the devil.
Before they press a bundle of bills into my father's hands, they stop for a moment, provokingly, in the middle of the kitchen as if they deserve a reward.
I would argue, however, that the fictions draw their strength from precisely such dire and difficult realities and that even the very worst villains among us can serve, provokingly, to remind us yet again, "that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.