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in a provocative manner


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Granada provocatively suggests that the rivalry between Kassel and Hven made Rothmann's visit tantamount to espionage, although another factor may have been Rothmann's medical needs.
Even more provocatively, Haile-Selassie's group concludes that 6-to-7-million-year-old fossil teeth that have been attributed by other researchers to two separate hominid genera, Sahelanthropus (SN.
And, in a provocatively written article, technology consultant Joseph Zucchero urges companies to crack down on wasteful IT projects.
An essay in these pages two years ago, provocatively titled "What Lies Beneath," argued that the screening chest X-ray ".
The specifics are provocatively off the wall with such potentialities-as-screenings being advertised of: Who Cares--The Duane Peters Story, Skater Dater, The Bones Brigade, Fruit of the Vine, Aloha Spirit, Chlorine and Surfy's Law.
This is not to suggest that Bernice Kanner didn't accurately and provocatively portray how otherwise confident and sure-handed CEOs botch their relationships with the press ("Business Smart, Media Dumb," CE May 2001).
Also, it's a good idea for the copy to preview the future content and benefits provocatively, emphasizing that the sample is just a taste, and can you really live without more?
Its Talent Store graduate recruitment section on its web site burgeons with part naked male and female torsos and talks provocatively of "leaving nothing to the imagination" in an effort to make grocery sexy (isn't it already?
Mark Hertsgaard provocatively states: "Poverty is the number one threat to the planetary environment.
Rowan minces no words in his provocatively titled book The Coming Race War in America (Little, Brown, 1996).
Still more provocatively, Bork calls for a constitutional amendment allowing Supreme Court decisions to be overridden by a majority vote of Congress.
The Bensons were upset by lingering reports that the trade was put in motion because Mets management was fearful of Anna potentially posing provocatively for magazine photo shoots.
Dozens of settlers stormed Security sources said that dozens of settlers from the illegal Mabo Dotan settlement, constructed on the lands of Yabud,closed the western entrance of the village and provocatively harassed Palestinians.
IN A statement that smacks of a " Talibani attitude", a Madhya Pradesh minister has blamed " provocatively dressed women" for moral corruption in society.
POSING provocatively in a new line of lacy lingerie she designed herself, Helena Christensen still attracts lingering looks.