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Synonyms for provocative

Synonyms for provocative

bordering on indelicacy or impropriety

Antonyms for provocative

serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate

exciting sexual desire

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And she knew that when she smiled her smile was provocative of smiles.
Indeed, all the enjoyments of this period were provocative of tears.
Steeled knights of the Conquest, bearded statesmen of Queen Elizabeth, and high-ruffled ladies of her court, were mingled with characters of comedy, such as a party-colored Merry Andrew, jingling his cap and bells; a Falstaff, almost as provocative of laughter as his prototype; and a Don Quixote, with a bean pole for a lance, and a pot lid for a shield.
From her soft, thick brown hair done up cleverly in the latest mode and her narrow eyebrows arched, oh, so carefully, and penciled with such skill, to that same trim provocative pump and disconcerting flash of silk-clad ankle, Rose had dash.
It must be admitted that Challenger is provocative in the last degree, but Summerlee has an acid tongue, which makes matters worse.
Jordan's State Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad al-Mumini, told Jordan News Agency (Petra) that provocative visits by Israeli settlers and soldiers to al-Aqsa Mosque represent a violation of international law and conventions.
Reportedly, the city banned the ad from being displayed in McCarran Airport because of the provocative appearance of Heidi Klum and equally provocative tag lines of the ad.
Wang urged the US side to hold an objective, just and fair view, honor its commitments, and speak and act cautiously, so as to avoid encouraging concerned parties to take provocative actions.
The soldiers stopped the c The government said that this procedure comes in conjunction with the Israeli provocative measurements in targeting the Palestinian citizens, and the continued and deliberate targeting of the PM's convoy for the fourth time within a month.
Pyongyang's provocative behavior has subsided since U.
THE police might have registered a case against Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia for his provocative speech provocative speech in Bhokar town on January 22 but it's nowhere close to arresting him.
The Federal National Council (FNC) decried in a statement today the planned trip to UAE three islands - Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs - as a provocative step, dangerous precedence, and it violates the UAE sovereignty and contradicts all efforts aimed at finding a peaceful settlement to end the Iranian occupation of the UAE islands.
Leaflets with provocative content and provocative signs were found in several districts of Osh and Jalal-Abad oblasts, Deputy Interior Minister Bakyt Alymbekov told a news conference on June 9 in Osh, where law enforcement agencies told about actions taken to ensure security.
She then wanders around in a revealing red dress, assuming a number of provocative poses.
Summary: Tan-Tan - The Tan-Tan-based NGO Moroccan Association for territorial integrity strongly condemned the provocative acts committed recently by a group of Spanish nationals in the southern city of Laayun.