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Synonyms for provocative

Synonyms for provocative

bordering on indelicacy or impropriety

Antonyms for provocative

serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate

exciting sexual desire

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FAISALABAD -- The police have booked 344 demonstrators in two separate cases on charges of staging protests, blocking roads and delivering provocative speeches during Local Government (LG) elections in Faisalabad.
THE Punjab government on Monday banned use of provocative and vulgar songs in the state- run buses.
The incident came as illegal Jewish settlers entered the yards of the Mosque in yet another routine and provocative visit, during which police prevented many Palestinians from entering the holy site.
Reportedly, the city banned the ad from being displayed in McCarran Airport because of the provocative appearance of Heidi Klum and equally provocative tag lines of the ad.
imposed ban on any kind of wall chalking or publicising provocative material to maintain law and order during Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.
Raja on Sunday said that Pakistan should honor the ceasefire agreement and avoid indulging in such provocative actions.
However, the official said Tajik citizens undertake provocative actions at times that escalate the situation.
WASHINGTON, Rajab 17, 1435, May 16, 2014, SPA -- China's decision to place an oil rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea is a provocative act and raises tensions in the region, the White House said on Friday, Reuters reported.
Wang urged the US side to hold an objective, just and fair view, honor its commitments, and speak and act cautiously, so as to avoid encouraging concerned parties to take provocative actions.
This is the first time, the paper comments on its front page that Russia, which is working hard, especially following the disintegration of the USSR, to rectify its image in the world, embarked on a provocative "adventure" of territorially reorganizing other countries, especially European ones.
The soldiers stopped the c The government said that this procedure comes in conjunction with the Israeli provocative measurements in targeting the Palestinian citizens, and the continued and deliberate targeting of the PM's convoy for the fourth time within a month.
Mr Liddington said: "I strongly condemn this provocative incursion.
We find it deplorable that the North does not stop provocative actions such as the launch of missiles yesterday," unification ministry spokesman Kim Hyung Seok said in a statement quoted by Yonhap.
Ramadi (NINA) - Chairman of Anbar Provincial Council, Jasim al-Halbousi, criticized what he calls, the provocative behavior by the guards of Adnan al-Asadi during his visit to the province.
The Federal National Council (FNC) decried, in a statement, the planned trip to the UAE three islands -- Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs -- as a provocative step and dangerous precedence and it violates the UAE sovereignty and contradicts all efforts aimed at finding a peaceful settlement to end the Iranian occupation of these islands.