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Synonyms for provisory

depending on or containing a condition or conditions

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subject to a proviso

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The second phase--Preliminary and provisory study of the zone and population to be studied, began in September 2012, with the Introductory Seminary attended by the research team and participants.
If the social world were made through local interactions, it would possess a provisory, unstable, and chaotic nature, and would be unable to fully make sense of or articulate any highly differentiated scenario that could reject power and domination.
Yet no matter how general or how particular, how certain or provisory, knowledge about nature will always be derived from, and must return to, experience, external or internal.
The fact that the grouping of knowledge and skills in the competences is provisory should be kept in mind, because a number of skills and areas of knowledge can belong to one or another competence.
5--Feedback: evaluating action by various sensory intermediate such as; visual, audition (hearing), touch & motion sensory, this step is the last step in this process, while there is not good adoption between basic motion data & obtained feedback data, so the similar provisory motion must be done.
89%) Sources: * Romania in Cifre 2011 and Harghita in Cifre 2011; ** provisory data RGA 2010; *** data APIA 2010.
Normally, the expert's conclusions drawn based on the above estimations are of provisory nature, whereas the final conclusion is made by the respective officers or the court.
The formal (but provisory and oft-repeated) resolution to the demonic power of contingency, or an immanence abandoned to itself, is irony.
Instead of helping doctors draw the line between disease and health, evolutionary theory would often make this task more arduous, and might therefore force them to take seriously the provisory nature of most of their diagnostic categories.
This meditation on the frail and provisory logic of form, improvised forth in everyday materials, ultimately seems to confront art's cultural status as something ostensibly transcendental or "incorruptible.
Since the promulgation of the Child and Adolescent Statute (Estatuto da Crianca e do Adolescente [ECA], 1990), shelters and other provisory care institutions have attempted to apply some measures to strengthen and keep affective bonds between the child and its family valuing the joint sheltering of siblings (Silva, 2004).
28) It challenged "Law 8800 of May 27, 1994, and Provisory Measure 635 of September 27, 1994, [which established] the Program of Economic Stability, the National Monetary System, and the Institution of the Currency Real Unit of Value (RUV).
The consolidation of the democratic institutions and the recent accession of Romania to the European Union beginning with January 1-st 2007 should offer the necessary conditions for overcoming this provisory situation.
Developmental studies on vestimentiferan and frenulate larvae have identified a provisory gut in the larvae.
Each country has a natural tendency to protect its economy or some of its fragile branches from the foreign competition and to maintain a monopoly position, even if a provisory one, in the sectors of a high degree of technical-scientific innovation, an aspect that the Doha Round has fully demonstrated.