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Synonyms for provisory

depending on or containing a condition or conditions

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subject to a proviso

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Normally, the expert's conclusions drawn based on the above estimations are of provisory nature, whereas the final conclusion is made by the respective officers or the court.
On the other hand, the Provisory Measure 579/2012, which offers tariff reductions to residents and industries that use solar power, lowers the solar PV market's revenue inflow.
This meditation on the frail and provisory logic of form, improvised forth in everyday materials, ultimately seems to confront art's cultural status as something ostensibly transcendental or "incorruptible.
The consolidation of the democratic institutions and the recent accession of Romania to the European Union beginning with January 1-st 2007 should offer the necessary conditions for overcoming this provisory situation.
The use of temporary workers is an immediate solution but a shortterm and provisory one.
Asymptomatic points towards more than 60% stenosis but the provisory is that there is a less than 3% peri-procedural neurological morbidity.
It is not clear whether the withdrawal would be definitive or provisory.
the eschatological perspective (of the kingdom) must protect Christians from the incessantly-renewed temptation to treat people as 'things', to stiffen, to immobilize, to crystallize and, finally, to absolutize that which appertains to the provisory, necessary though it may seem .
For some NGOs, an eventual refusal of this role is played out when faced with a real opportunity to produce positive results to the target public (social groups that benefit from specific projects), as fragmented, momentary, provisory, and limited as it can be.
Rather, following Frederic Jameson, the film, like any form, can be read as an "unstable and provisory solution to an aesthetic dilemma which is itself the manifestation of a social and historical contradiction.
The accommodation index provided at the bottom is rather provisory.
Such a cut in the reserve target should be seen separately from ''passive'' modifications by the central bank, including a provisory clause adopted in May to allow the current account deposit balance to temporarily fall below the target, he said.
Specifically, the institutionalization and the popularization of those exercise regimes were contemporaneous with the increasing medicalization of female bodies, with the fairly recent yet provisory acceptance of secondary education for women, and with the restructuring of middle-class household dynamics that attended the emerging cult of domesticity.
assessment of an artist's inner life is necessarily provisory,