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a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army

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Prior to TNT, a lack of concern about what individual transport would cost meant that the provisioners had frequent and direct contact with the suppliers.
Production engineering is present on the line with a technologist and an area maintainer, materials management is present with a materials provisioner, quality management IS present with a quality controller, while a vice-ETU manager is responsible for the unit programming.
Retail sources identified that tenant as Williams-Sonoma, the culinary provisioner.
Pierson (1989), "Packaging Has a Rising Role in Red Meat's Turnaround," The National Provisioner, 201: 8-10.
As a pioneer farmer Paice was well-known in Nanyuki, initially as a provisioner of 'safari people',(97) then as a trader and odd-job man, and ultimately as the unofficial arm of the law.
For example, according to the leading industry trade journal, National Provisioner, [13 February 1892, 11; 10 June 1893, 13] in 1892 there were 1,950 wholesale and retail butchers in Chicago alone and some 80,000 nationwide.
Godshall's was honored in May 2011 by the National Provisioner magazine.
For companies that have absolute raw material control, they get top priority and have a selling point around food safety,'' Dennis Zhang, general manager of Husi Foods, OSI's Chinese operation, told The National Provisioner, a trade publication.
SharkPro Provisioner automates the configuration and personalization of SharkPro Projects.
Stagnito Communications (Deerfield, IL) was the publisher of a range of titles for the food, beverage, packaging and related industries, including Beverage Industry, Candy Industry, Confectioner," "Dairy Field," "Meat & Deli Retailer," "The National Provisioner," "PL Buyer," "Refrigerated & Frozen Foods," "Refrigerated & Frozen Food Retailer," "Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery," "Stagnito's New Products Magazine," "Brand Packaging," "Flexible Packaging" and "Food & Drug Packaging.
Brecht introduced ironic elements of humor and levity into his script as counterweight to the wartime epic of the profiteering provisioner and her family; Szasz by contrast, generally cuts or minimizes those lighter moments (with the exception of the wonderful songs by Paul Dessau and Hanns Eisler) to underline the unmitigated inhumanity of war.
Art Technology Group Inc (ATG), a provider of customer management and e-commerce products and services, has introduced its new ATG Mobile Application Provisioner for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).
A carefully selected multiservice platform allows the provisioner to have competitive advantages over incumbent ILECs, as well as peer competitors.
Market, an artisan deli and provisioner, acts as the source for sundries and to-go items, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In addition, the All-in-one Expert Provisioner also supports interactive provisioning, tuning and maintenance of QoS policies.